Do you know the Afton family?

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Hello hello I'm Olivia and I'm the creator of this quiz please don't blame me if you don't get the result you're hoping for it probably comes from you

The Afton family is the family which is at the origin of Fnaf this story does not come from me the questions are taken from the Lore thank you for your understanding and have a good quiz

Created by: Olivia
  1. Who is the youngest in the family
  2. How did C.C (Evan) die?
  3. We continue with C.C how old was he when he died
  4. What animatronic does C.C have?
  5. What does C.C mean?
  6. Now we start with Elizabeth, which animatronic does she have?
  7. By who Elizabeth died
  8. Where is the animatronic that Elizabeth has?
  9. Elizabeth is the big sister of...
  10. Who is Elizabeth most like?
  11. Now Mrs. Afton Who is Mrs. Afton to William
  12. How Mrs.Afton died
  13. What animatronic does Mrs.Afton have?
  14. It's now the turn of Michael why Michael harassed his little brother
  15. Does Michael have an animatronic?
  16. How Michael died
  17. With who Michael often ships
  18. Who killed Michael (BE CAREFUL, there are two of them)
  19. What color is Michael's skin after his death?
  20. We are now down to the last person William How many children did he kill?
  21. How did he die
  22. Was he a good father?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the Afton family?