Elizabeth Afton Backstory Part 2

Welcome back everybody! Elizabeth Aftons Backstory Part 2 took so long to make. *groaning* Be warned, this is my au, but it doesn't stray too far from the original story. If you want the original, look it up on Google.

Anyways, comment and rate? Thank you to whoever does that! (Go ahead and start reading, I need two paragraphs, so Imma be here for a while. TwT) And whoever kept answering, "okay." I respect you. :3

Created by: June_Roses
  1. Hello, welcome back to my story.
  2. When we got home, dad was yelling at Michael. Mom had run into the bedroom and started crying. What was I doing? I was on the bed in Chris's room, hugging his teddy bear he always carried around.
  3. After a few hours, I went back into my room. Hugging my circus baby doll close, I went to sleep.
  4. When I woke up, everything seemed to be normal. Everybody was happy, mom was cooking breakfast, and dad was drinking his coffee. Except... Chris wasn't here.
  5. "Hey Liz, do you wanna go to work with me?" Dad asked.
  6. My eyes lit up. He had NEVER asked me to go to work with him! Maybe I could see the new anamatronic he made... "I would love to!" I exclaimed.
  7. When we got to the pizzareia, dad turned around and looked at Michael. "Michael." My dad snapped, shooting my brother a cold look. "Make sure Elizabeth doesn't go near Circus Baby."
  8. "Okay Liz, just stay here okay?" Michael asked with a pleading look. "Fi-" I started to say, but was cut off by a customer asking where the bathroom was.
  9. Michael pointed towards the bathroom. "Can you walk my daughter there? I need to order pizza." The man asked. Michael sighed and turned to me. "Stay here Liz, I'll be back in a second."
  10. This was the chance I needed! I quickly ran to the Circus Baby Auditorium. "Hello, don't tell daddy I'm here. I wanted to watch your show too! Why, you look absolutely wonderful!" I said as I walked up to her stage.
  11. Circus Baby's claw came out with an ice cream cone...
  12. "For me?" I asked as I climbed on the stage. "Wait, where did all the other children go?" I asked as I took the ice cream.
  13. "Elizabeth! No!" Dad yelled as I turned my head around. He and Michael had terrified expressions on their faces. Dad started running towards me. "What's wrong daddy?" I asked. That's when I felt it.
  14. My eyes widened as I looked at my stomach. There was a claw. There was blood. I looked at Circus Baby. Her eyes had turned black and she had a creepy smile on her face.
  15. I turned my head back towards Michael and Daddy. They were trying to unwrap the claw from around me. When all of a sudden, I was pulled in and crushed...
  16. Thank you for reading Part 2 of Elizabeth Afton's Backstory! You may be thinking this is the end, but no it isn't! Tomorrow Part 3 will be out!
  17. Bye :)

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