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  • The Rose Garden
    "Gonna work on the Gacha thing in 10 mins"
  • Formal goodbye
    "I barely know you, but I'm gonna miss you a lot. :( Stay safe and well ❤"
  • "Mei Whose most likely to be the fridge?"
  • The Rose Garden
    "Ya know wot Next time I go into the run Im taking a video of Paul. U^U Seriously, why doesn't my mom just tell my brother to get"
  • "@Elly, what do you want your character to look like? @Tat, same question as Elly. I just forgot to ask you when I started doing Gacha "
  • RP Commentary
    "Omg it sounds so pretty :0 Im definitely gonna read it :D"
  • Tat
    "Felix kicked the woman off and ran after Rasia. But before he did, he grabbed the gun and shot the cop straight in the heart. You see"
  • June Roses
    "Juliet heard footsteps approaching the room. No doubt that it was Jewel. "How about we talk somewhere more... private?" Juliet "
  • Tatty! :D
    "(Aight :3)"
  • 1x1
    "Crystal blinked in confusion. "Alright, how many things do you want me to figure out?""
  • You may have stolen me,
    ""Our feelings aren't very mutual." Emma grumbled."
    "Porak scratched his head. "I forgot." he said."
  • RP Commentary
    "Aight ty :3"
  • "Ik, Im gonna work on it tonight. Mebbe I could have Yandere Spice kill someone 👀"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "Hey Spice In our RP, I just noticed... aRe YoU sAyInG i LiKe BaD bOyS? >:( I totally don't like bad boys-"

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