Elizabeth Afton Backstory Part 3

Ello! Welcome back to Elizabeth Aftons Backstory! I’m so sorry this took so long to come out with. :( I lost all motivation. XD Anyways enjoy the story! :D

And... I need another paragraph. Well, if you wanna talk or do a RP, I’m usually on the threads. And hello to everybody who talks to me on threads! If we have never met before, I hope we can become great friends! :D

Created by: June_Roses

  1. The last thing I remember when I was pulled in, was my father yelling at Michael.
  2. When I woke up, I thought I had died and went to hell! I could see nothing. Only darkness...
  3. "Hey kid, sorry I killed you! I couldn't stop myself." A voice said.
  4. I was scared as the door slowly opened. I looked around to see who could've possibly come in. Then something landed in front of me. Circus baby.
  5. I screamed as Circus Baby sat down in front of me. She looked startled. “Whats wrong? Are you okay?” She asked with a worried look on her face.
  6. “No! I’m not okay! You killed me!” I exclaimed as I looked around for a way out.
  7. Circus Baby cocked her head to the side. “How are you speaking to me then?” She asked.
  8. I was confused for a second. She’s right. How am I speaking if I’m dead. My face lit up.
  9. I realized something. I must be alive! I starred squealing and jumped for joy. “I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive!” I yelled in excitement.
  10. Circus Baby gave me a sympathetic look. “Actually, your dead. Since your the first person I’ve killed, you have control over my body. Which means, your now Circus Baby.” She said giving me a slight smile as if I should be grateful I still get to technically live.
  11. “Do I at least get to see my family again?” I asked as my face fell. I knew what the answer would be.
  12. Before Circus Baby could answer, a big pile of wires fell to the ground. Wait. No, thats not it. It looks like a broken animatronic that has a mask on? It seems to have been a clown animatronic before it got broken.
  13. “The names Ennard.” The animatronic said as he bowed. “Circus Baby and I will show you the ways of Circus Babys Pizzareia.” He grinned.
  14. Thankyou for taking Part 3 of Elizabeth Aftons Backstory! :D I’m sorry it took so long to come out. TwT

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