Elizabeth Afton Backstory Part 4

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Ello there! Welcome back to Elizabeth Aston’s Backstory! Forgive the long wait, I’ve been very busy at home and with RP’s. TwT Part 5 will be out in maybe 2 weeks?

I dunno, it depends on my motivation. -w- I have a new story that will come out soon, it’s called Naturina! It’s actually based off a RP I did with someone on Gacha Life.

Created by: June_Roses

  1. Welcome back everybody.
  2. Ennard and Circus Baby had planned to kill the new night guard and use him as a skin suit so we could all escape the underground. You see, after I died, my father sent all the anamatronics from Circus Baby's Pizzeria, underground. Every night, A nightgaurd comes underground so that we are kept under control. In the morning, we are brought up to the surface to preform in front of kids.
  3. "What's up Circus Baby?" Ballora asked us when we called everybody in for a meeting. "We're going to escape!" I announced with a relieved smile. I had always wanted to get out of this dump. Ballora, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, and Bon Bon looked skeptical.
  4. Ennard sat next to me and explained the plan. "So as you all know, the new nightgaurd is coming today." he said as he looked at everybody. They all nodded.
  5. “Well, we have decided that we will kill the nightguard, and use his body to get out of here. The only thing is, you would all have to be in my head.” He said as complaints rolled in.
  6. I glared at everybody. “SHUT UP!” I yelled. “If you want to get out of this dump, stop complaining!” I exclaimed as everybody looked at me like I was crazy.
  7. Ennard cleared his throat and shot a look at me. “Silence, please.” He said in an ice cold voice.
  8. Many animatronics were quiet after that little scene. “Now, Circus Baby is going to start pretending to help the night guard. On the 4th night, She will kidnap him. On the 5th night, he will be scooped and we will leave.” Ennard said.
  9. Ballora smiled up at me. “This sounds like a good plan, if you need any help, be sure to let me know.” She said happily. Ballora has always been a mother to me ever since I died, she kind of acts like my mother...
  10. I shrugged it off. It was most likely nothing, I was probably just missing my family. My family... it hurts me to say those words.
  11. Ennard stood in front of me. “You might want to let circus Baby take control now.” He whispered into my ear. I nodded and shut down.
  12. I am so sorry this took a while to come out with! I’ve been really busy at home and with RP’s.
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  14. Bye -w-

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