Elizabeth Afton Backstory Part 1

Hi! Remember how I said I would do a day with Elizabeth Afton? I did! Well technically I'm doing her backstory.... Oh! Heads up, this is my au. I was gonna have Liz die first, but I probably would get killed for that. XD

Anyways, Part 3 of, They Kept Me Going, is going to be out soon. I was having problems at home, so this Saturday,my family and I are going on vacation! :D Anyways, enjoy the story.

Created by: June_Roses

  1. Hi! I'm Elizabeth Afton. My story is a little complicated. You probably would think I was lying...
  2. *sigh* Well here goes...
  3. It all started on my little brother, Chris's birthday. He was a little on edge because my older brother, Michael, kept bullying him.
  4. "Hey Chris, wanna use both our tickets to get the super rare Fredbear doll?" I asked.
  5. "Huh? Yeah sure..." Chris said as he looked around uneasily.
  6. "Hey crybaby! Wanna go see fredbear?" Michael said obnoxiously.
  7. Chris looked terrified. "N...n...no! Michael PLEASE don't!" He blubbered as tears as an down his cheeks.
  8. I tried to help Chris, but the guy with a chica mask grabbed me. I watched helplessly as they lifted Chris into Fred bears mouth.
  9. "Michael, please don't do this! I'm scared! I promise I'll do anything you want and I won't tattle on you! PLEASE!!" Chris wailed as people started to look his way.
  10. "Hey kids! Don't do that!" A security guard yelled as Michael lifted Chris up to Fredbear.
  11. "3...2...1!"
  12. I managed to kick the boy in the chica mask and run to Chris. The only thing blocking me was the crowds. I wish I never looked....
  13. The scene was horrific. Chris's head was bleeding. I could see inside of his head. My little brother, who I loved dearly, was gone. I started screaming. Not at Michael, not for my parents, not for anyone except Chris. I had vowed to protect him. But.... I broke it.
  14. And.... CUT! Thank you so much for reading part 1! Part 2 will come out shortly. Information about They Kept Me Going Part 3, that will take a while to make. I know it was cringe!
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  16. Syl :3

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