Which member of the Afton family are you??

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Hello, welcome to my first quiz!! If there are any problems with this quiz let me know and tell me what you like and don't like.---This quiz is about the Afton family.

Though this quiz about who you are in the Afton family Mrs.Afton is in as a possible result!!! I hope you enjoy this quiz even if Mrs.Afton is in it!!

Created by: Lyo0ffical
  1. There is no Mrs.Afton in this quiz because we never really see her in the games and know her personality.
  2. Who is your favorite of the Aftons??
  3. Have you ever thought of killing someone?
  4. Who is your favorite animatronic?
  5. fave color
  6. Do you have a favorite family member if yes then who is it?
  7. Are more awake at day or night?
  8. These next couple of questions are just random so just go with what you like more or what you feel like you should pick
  9. Pick
  10. Pick
  11. Pick
  12. Pick
  13. Pick (last one of these)
  14. Time for rp!!!
  15. You just started to look for a job to pay your bills because your parents can't pay them anymore. You find that there's a night guard job open at Freddy Fazbears Pizza. You go to a job interview. When you enter the room for the job interview, it's dark and spare parts of animatronics propped up on shelves.--What is your reaction to this??
  16. After the job interview you go back near the entrance. You see the guy who you were talking to, he walks towards the back stage. Then someone comes out in a rabbit suit.
  17. The next day you get a call from Freddy Fazbears Pizza saying that you got the job!! Your night shift doesn't start until 12:00 pm, an hour early. What do you do in the meantime?
  18. You did whatever you chose and then got ready for the night shift. You got to work but you took your time to look around. What catches your eyes first?
  19. I had a question I wanted to put down but I forgot what it was...so....Bye👋

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Quiz topic: Which member of the Afton family am I??