Would Micheal Afton Like you?

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Hey! I'm back once again with another quiz! I am really happy at the moment as I'm seeing my quizzes become more and more popular! Thanks for everything.

In this quiz you shall be seeing if Micheal Afton would like you! I have done a similar quiz before, just about Liz (Elizabeth) Afton. I hope you enjoy!!!

Created by: GlitchGal1
  1. Me: Hey! I'm bored so I'm gonna do a quiz on my very good friend Micheal Afton. So, first question... What's your favourite colour out of these please?
  2. GlitchTrap: Let me guess, another quiz? Me: Yup! GlitchTrap: Nope. I am not doing this again. Me: Aw. Have you seen Micheal please? GlitchTrap: Nope. Me: Oh. Are you still mad at me? GlitchTrap: You should NOT have stolen my carrots. Me: I was forced by Liz!! Wait. Where did you go?! Right, now for the question, who's your favourite animatronic out these please?
  3. Micheal: Hey! Me: Yarss! Your here!! Ask questions about yourself Micheal. Now. BYEEE!!! Micheal: What? Me: *Disappears like normal* Micheal: Um... Okay? What's your gender I guess?
  4. Micheal: Nice to know! I just wanna get this over and done with... Who's your favourite Afton then?
  5. Micheal: I am so bored!!! Ugh. Also if you chose me, MARRY ME!!!!!!!! *Everyone looks at him* I mean, hehe... Right, um... which FNAF song is your favourite?
  6. Micheal: Cool. How do your friends describe you?
  7. Micheal: How do you describe yourself?
  8. Micheal: How old are you?
  9. Micheal: Sorry if I'm not got much gusto. I'm just tired... Pick one. GLITCHTRAP or VANNY.
  10. Me: I am back!!!!!! Micheal: You are so dead. Me: I'm sorry! Micheal: *Eye twitches* Me: Never mind, hope you enjoyed, bye! Micheal: Oh my... So did you enjoy this quiz then?

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