Which Afton are you? (Including Vanny and GlitchTrap).

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Hey guys! It's me GlitchGal and I'm back with yet another quiz on the Aftons! How is everyone doing? Things are going a bit difficult in the world again so, to keep everyone entertained, I published another quiz of mine. I know many other people make quizzes too but y'know! I just want to do a quick shoutout kind of thing since I could not answer her comment as I don't have an account, I mean... I may of forgotten my password but y'know, it's the same thing! LUNA DG IF, I really enjoyed your quizzes and I would recommend them lots! Hope you can see this!

In this quiz, you will be seeing which Afton you are most like! It does include Vanny and GlitchTrap although they are not technically Aftons. I decided to make GlitchTrap Vincent as you can really add a character in twice! It may not be 100% accurate but I put a lot of effort into it so please enjoy!! Also, don't feel you have to answer the gender and age one as some of you might not be comfortable saying this online although it is safe. I can't see any of your answers but I can see which character you get, ei: William Afton or Vanny. Have fun, bye!!

Created by: GlitchGal1
  1. Me: Okay, who wants to ask a question then? William & Vincent: I wanna! Me: Okay, Vincent you first. William : *Triggered. Vincent: Who is your favourite Afton?
  2. William: *Still triggered. Me: You wanna go? William: Dies of happiness (lol). Also William: What is your favourite colour? Mine is PURPLE!!!!! Me:Okay Will, just calm down or I won't buy you toast. William: *Dies for the third time in his life.
  3. Me: So, who wants to ask next? *THE SMALL BEANS APPEAR* Elizabeth: Me!! Whats your favourite food?
  4. Me: Hey Mrs Afton, would you like to ask a question? Clara: Sure dear, hmm... Which is your favourite animatronic out of these?
  5. Me: It's your turn now! Vanny: To ask a question? Sure. Are you a natural leader?
  6. Me: Chris, Mike. Do you wanna..? Mike: Go on Evan. Chris: Okie!!! Are you clever like big brother Mikey? Mike: *Cries with pure pleasure.
  7. Me: Okay, now GO ALREADY MICHAEL!!! Mike: Fine, whatever, are you male or female and how old are you?
  8. Me: Wait. Have I asked a question yet? GlitchTrap: Nah, I don't think so. Me: Oh, well then... What's your favourite animal out of these?
  9. Me: Ennard, I know your not technically one of the people in my quiz, but would you like to ask a question? Pretty pwease!!! Ennard: YARRSSSS! MY TIME HAS COME!! Me: Okay right..? Ennard: Do you like grapes AND eggs? Features Eggs! Me: Why do I associate with you kind of people?! Wait... your an animatronic..!
  10. William: Can I ask another question? Me: What's the magic word then? William: Coffee rules. Me: No, but fine ask away... William: Yeah!!! Which outfit style is most like you?
  11. Mike: Can I ask another question to please? Me: I can see that your the polite one in the family! Yes you can, what is it? Mike: Thanks, it's 'would you rather have long or short hair?'
  12. Me: Have y'all got any more questions? Clara: May I dear..? Me: Ask away Mrs Afton! Clara: Well then, what kind of music do you prefer?
  13. Me: Ask your friends or family around you to describe you in one of these words please!
  14. Me: Hey guys, imma just gonna head to the loo! Be right back! Elizabeth: OKAY! TIME TO TRASH THIS PLACE Y'ALL! Me: Oh my gosh! I didn't even leave mate. I'm still in this room!! Bruh. Elizabeth: Oh no... I think you misheard, I said... 'Are you a tidy person?'
  15. Me: Which Afton, do you think you will get?
  16. Me: Did you enjoy this quiz y'all? (This does not affect anything!)
  17. Me: This is my last question and this is really kinda strange! Do you believe that they (THE AFTONS) are real? Cause, I kinda do and please no hate! Post in the comments please guys!
  18. For real this time! Byeeee!!

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Quiz topic: Which Afton am I? (Including Vanny and GlitchTrap).