Which Afton are you?

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Hello and welcome to this quiz player! I hope you'll find pleasure in this quiz and the result you get. My Aftons may have different features so the results may differ from any other Aftons that you may see.

I hope you enjoy it. There will be mentions of phobias and murder. This sort of warning is expected to be mentioned when talking about the FNaF characters so don't be surprised when it is mentioned. What are you still doing here? Go take the quiz and see the results! I have a youtube channel too. I post about the Aftons and have very short videos. Memes and those sorts of videos.

Created by: Purple_Grove
  1. So how are you doing today (Your name here)?
  2. Now, onto the more serious questions! *^*
  3. What is the best colour out of these?Personally, mine is purple but, it is your choice!
  4. Now, what seems most appealing?In my AU Michael can eat so he has a favorite food also!
  5. Which of these activities is the one you'd do?
  6. Gamble or drink? Gambling could be playing cards and Drinking could be just milk or something like that.
  7. Skirt or no Skirt? For any male-based humans, just put which one you'd rather be in.
  8. Do you like snow? I'm asking because sometimes people don't like snow. I know 2 people so far that don't. Not me of course, but, to each his/her own.
  9. Do you know of the YouTuber "How To Basic"?
  10. P_ea_e p_ck _ n__b_r.
  11. Sorry about that last one. My microphone glitched out. Very well (Your name here), shall we continue?
  12. Alright! So, where were we? Right! Are you into the Aftons and their related lore?
  13. Was that sarcasm I heard?
  14. Alright! Well, before this gets too long, one more question. Do you want to be an Afton?
  15. Welp. Bye bye! Enjoy the rest of your day/night!

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Quiz topic: Which Afton am I?