Which afton are you mostly alike?

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This is my first ever quiz made! Hope you like it! nwn, Also, credits to whoever made the picture, it looks awesome! hehe, hmhm, you still here? if you want go do it!

Let's see what afton do you get! I hope you get the one you like the most. Bruh this thing requires 150 characters, like- that's a lot! -Like seriusly who writes that much for a thing of a MINI desciption

Created by: Nessie
  1. Hey! How are ya?
  2. Okayyyy, let's go with "If you had to pick a weapon, which one woud be it?
  3. Sooo, which one is your fav afton? this won't affect much
  4. I know, I know, much people do it but imma put it too, "What's your fav color?" (I'm not gonna put any reactions)
  5. "Fav food?"
  6. What do you like to do in your free time
  7. Hmmm you wanna go?
  8. Hey "what are your fears? or phobias"
  9. How do you think mrs. afton actually looks?
  10. Well now really bye.

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Quiz topic: Which afton am I mostly alike?