Which Afton Are You Quiz + Vincent and Noah

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Hi and welcome to this quiz. Please answer questions honestly and I hope you're satisfied with the result. I did my best. I made the edits and characters myself in Gacha Club. I hope you enjoy.

My Aftons aren't the typical Afton. I have a very different and detailed AU so I went ahead and described their personalities in the result. I hope you like it!

Created by: Unknown_Pumpkin
  1. Hello! Okay first question:What's your favorite thing to do from this list?
  2. Next one:What's your favorite FNaF game from this list?
  3. What's your favorite color from this list?
  4. Pick the food that seems the most appetizing:
  5. Which of these numbers do you like most?
  6. What seems the worst from this list?
  7. Where do you relax?
  8. Whom do you seek to impress the most?
  9. Where do you hide in Hide 'n' Seek?
  10. Pick an animal from this list that you like the most:
  11. Last question that affects you!Have you ever had a house pet?
  12. Good bye! Hope you've had fun!

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Quiz topic: Which Afton am I Quiz + Vincent and Noah