Does Michael Afton love you?

WELCOME! The Queen of Frogs and Axolotls says hi! This is my first quiz and I hope it’s not completely horrid, and yeah this quiz is for boys and girls!

⚠ This features killing and death, if you are sensitive to this then I advise you leave ⚠ THIS quiz involves role play and sadness and my AU. Thanks for doing this quiz :)

Created by: QueenofFr0gs
  1. (Me) Would you like to ask the first question ? (Mike)ok.... Whats your favorite color ?
  2. (Evan) Can I ask one? (me ) OK but is has to be related to Mikey (Evan) Do you think Mikey is hot? (Mike) Wait what-
  3. (Liz; CAN I ASK ONE PPLEEEEEEEEEE -) (ME;Okay Liz okay!.) Liz;Yay! So do you like waffles or pancakes or eggs and bacon or something else.
  4. (William;May w- I ask a question ?) me;mike? (mike;n-)William; Do you Like dogs or cats or neither ?
  5. (Mike; can I ask one now) Me;sure) Mike ;Do you like space?
  6. MY TURN! Imagine you control the scooper, and you come to work late to check on the scooper, and you see Ennard about to scoop mike. What do you do?
  7. Ennard; that hurt, well, uh, do you ever feel like you want to be scooped? Or scoop someone?
  8. (Me; Mrs. Schmidt, you haven’t asked anything.) Mrs. Schmidt; Yes, uhm… If you … went along with Michael, how would you react to the animatronics and what would you wear?
  9. Me; William. Your turn. William; O-okay, Would you be mikes hoodie buddy and watch movies with him?
  10. Liz and mike will do this and the next one.(Liz; Where would you chose your first date, what do you wear?)
  11. Mike; What would you do if you were there when I was scooped?
  12. [no effect] How was it?

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