How well do you know the Aftons?

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GlitchGal is back, with yet another quiz!! Again, it's on the Afton family, don't worry, I will do a quiz on something else soon! In the comments you may put your ideas there at the end if you want! 🤗

What do you know about the Aftons? In this fifteen question long quiz, you shall find out! Try not to leave any answers blank, as you will probably not get a accurate result. I hope you have fun!!

Created by: GlitchGal
  1. What is Elizabeth's favourite food?
  2. Which animatronic does William possess when he dies?
  3. Who is William's favourite child?
  4. Who is Will married too?
  5. Who is called the crying child?
  6. Who is Mikes best friend? (Future)
  7. Who died by the scooper?
  8. Who possesses Ballora?
  9. Who bullied Chris?
  10. Who is the purple guy?
  11. Who is the burnt spaghetti?
  12. Who was the first to die?
  13. Who died last?
  14. Where did Will go when he died?
  15. How did Will die?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Aftons?