They Kept Me Going

Warning: There are some bad words involved. If this makes you uncomfortable, maybe skip over the words or don't do the quiz. I'm also sorry this is so cringey. ;-;

This took me a few hours to make. Also please tell me how to make a gotoquiz account! I did everything correctly and it wouldn't accept my registration. Anyways, enjoy the quiz! UwU

Created by: June_Roses

  1. I looked up as the boys stared at me in horror. "______? _____?! Hang on!" Lucas said as he started to heal you.
  2. You look beside you. Blood. "Did I do it...? Did I save them?" You think.
  3. You think back to all the happy times you spent with the guys. Then you think about your big brother. "Tell John, me and Chris will be watching over him... also tell John to hang in there and never give up." You say as you pass out. "______? _______! Get up! Please don't leave us!" You hear Lucas plead.
  4. *A few months earlier*
  5. Hi! My name is ______. I have brown hair and blue eye's. I'm 16 years old. I live with my older brother and younger brother. My older brothers name is John, and my younger brothers name is Chris.
  6. You may be asking, "______, what about your parents?" Well you see... they um... passed away a few months ago.....
  7. My little brother is pretty sweet. He's also sensitive. So I try my best to protect him from....well...uhm, bullies. Mainly John. John is an abusive older brother. He blames ne for mom and dads death. He said that I should've died in the car crash instead of our parents.
  8. "HEY! BRAT GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!" John yells up the stairs. You quickly throw your diary onto the bed and rush downstairs. "Your gonna be late for school, and I'm not driving you there." John says. "B....b....b...but it's raining!" Chris stuttered. "I. DON'T. GIVE. A. CRAP. YOU LITTLE B****!!" John hollered, as he took a piece of glass and threw it at Chris.
  9. You quickly jump in front of Chris before the glass hits him. Thankfully, you got to Chris in time. But unfortunately for you, you get glass in your cheek. You cry out in pain as John laughs.
  10. Out of the corner of your eye you spot Chris's bus. You grab his hand and quickly run to the bus. He is crying uncontrollably, you give him a hug and say everything will be alright. Chris calms down and waves goodbye as he heads into the bus.
  11. Your bus pulls up as you put a hoodie on and cover your face. "I HOPE YOU DIE AT SCHOOL!!" John calls out as he drives off.You quickly hop on the bus and sit next to your bff Lucas.
  12. Lucas has dark brown hair and black eye's.
  13. Lucas looks confused and asks, "_____? Why are you covering your face? Wait... Did he..." Lucas pulls your hood down and looks at your face and gasps."Did John do this." He asks quietly. You gulp and nod.
  14. Lucas's face turn dark and he motioned to a boy with blonde hair and blue eye's. You immediately reconized him. His name was Xavier. He was popular and was known for playing with girls hearts.
  15. Xavier's eyes widened when he saw the glass in your face and then nodded towards Lucas. Then Xavier walked to the front of the bus and started singing somebody come get her.
  16. Everybody on the bus burst out laughing. While everybody's attention was on Xavier, Lucas quickly turned your face towards his and quickly pulled out the glass.
  17. You yelp in pain but nobody hears your over the sound of their own laughter. Lucas then grabs your face once again and licks the blood off.
  18. "Lucas WTF?!" You yell.Everybody turns away from Xavier and looks at you as you turn bright red. Lucas looks panicked and so does Xavier. Xavier quickly starts singing I'm A Banana, and everybody turns their attention back towards him.
  19. After what seems like forever, you finally reach school. You quickly run to you locker but get stopped by the hall monitor. "_____! You should know better than to run in the halls! I'll let you off though, if you give me advice."You seem surprised that Monty the hall monitor is letting you off if you just give him advice. "Sure, what kind of advice do you need?" You ask.
  20. "I need advice about a girl." Monty says blushing. "Oooo! Are you asking someone out on a date?" You say nudging him."Yeah... it's Cindy..." he says blushing.You freeze after hearing that name."I know she's your brothers girlfriend and all, but-""Does it look like I wants to give you advice about asking Cindy on a date? Get lost! Cindy may be a b****, but I know she isn't a hoe."
  21. Monty grabs you and starts pulling you into a supply closet.You try to scream but Monty has his hand around your mouth and there's nobody around.
  22. Monty pulled out a knife and cut you face. "That should teach you a lesson!" He said as he started laughing. The door suddenly started opening slowly.....
  23. A boy stood there looking alarmed and then pissed off. "What do you think your doing to _____?!" He yelled.The boys eye's started glowing red and he started hissing. Monty looked terrified and then passed out.
  24. The boy grabbed you by the waist and kissed you. Your eye's started to feel heavy, and then everything went black.
  25. You woke up in a dark room. You quickly sat up but felt a sharp pain in your leg. You looked at your leg and saw a knife in it.
  26. You try to recall what happened and remembered all about the incident in the closet. You come to the conclusion that Monty stabbed you in the leg before he passed out.
  27. (Me: I forgot to tell you what the boy who saved you looked like, Imma tell you now.) The boy had grey hair, (not old manish hair, like if an anime boy had grey hair.) and white eye's.
  28. The boy who helped you enters the room. His face lights up when he see's your okay. You glare at him. "Where am I?!" The boy winces. "Not so loud please, my boss doesn't know your here and he would be pissed if he found out!" You sigh. "Fine, but at least tell me who you are and what I'm doing here."
  29. "My name is Seth, and your in my house." Seth says. "What am I doing here though?" You ask giving him a death stare,"Your here so we can protect you. You see, your VERY important! And powerful. Blake just doesn't know your here yet."
  30. A boy with black hair and black eye's walks into the room and he looks furious.
  31. "Seth! What is a girl doing in my bed?!" The boy yells. "She's the one!" Seth yells.The boy's eye's widen. "Hello, I deeply apologize for my actions. You must be the chosen one. My name is Blake. The reason your here is because you're in danger and need to be kept safe."
  32. "It's fine." You say. But then you remember Chris and John. "Wait a second! I need to be there for my little brother! And my older brother needs help every night!" You say with tears in your eye's. The boys look at each other and sigh. "Listen, we'll bring your brothers here as well, does that make you feel better?" Blake says.You nod your head."Good, then that's settled then. You should rest, your siblings will be here tomorrow." Blake says.
  33. You go to sleep and when you wake up you see Xavier and Lucas looking at you. "Xavier?! Lucas?! What are you guys doing here?!" You ask.
  34. "We're here to keep you safe." Lucas says."Wait, is Blake your boss as well?" You ask."Yep, Xavier will explain everything." Lucas said as he walked out of the room.
  35. "So to put it short, every 1,000 years, 4 humans are given mystical powers. There are to protect a powerful human until he/she learns to protect themselves. The 4 mystical humans are supposed to stay by the human their whole lives. So basically me, Lucas, Blake, and Seth are the 4 people who were given powers. And we have to protect you."
  36. "Why do you have to protect me?" You ask. "Because there are people who want to take your power. And to do that, they have to kill the person."
  37. "So what are your powers?" You ask. "I have the power to shrink and grow people, including myself. Lucas can heal people, but he's also a vampire. Blake can read peoples minds and he can turn into a wolf. Seth is a fallen angel and he has the power to knock someone out just by looking at them."
  38. "You might have noticed, the knife isn't in your leg anymore." Xavier said smiling. "Huh?" You look down and see you leg is completely healed.
  39. "OI! _____! I brought you siblings here early!" You hear Blake yell. "COMING!" You say.You start to run but then instantly feel dizzy. Then you black out.
  40. You wake up in a different room and you find Chris sleeping next to you.
  41. You sit up and look around. You come to the conclusion that when you passed out, the boys moved you to another room.
  42. Chris wakes up and his eye's widen. "______! Your awake!" "You bet I am!" You say."You should have seen John when he discovered you passed out!" Chris said excitedly.
  43. "What did he do?" You ask. "He FREAKED OUT!" Chris said."I guess he does care about us." You think as you try to get out of bed.
  44. So that's it for part 1. :P Tell me if you enjoyed it. (I'm sorry it's cringey and all over the place TwT. When I wrote it, I only put in what I was thinking of at the time.) Also, when it comes to fantasy and stuff, I'm not too great with "words" so that's why I put in, "powerful human." And all that crap.
  45. Also, can you tell me in the comments how to make an account, so I can finish the series and you all won't be looking all over for it? (if you come back to read the other parts.) I tried making one a few days ago and it wouldn't allow me to for some reason. I did everything correctly tho.
  46. Anyways, to the tea! Who do you like?

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