Test Your Mr. Bean Knowledge

Do you love Mr. Bean? Do you have a favorite episode? Do you know each line by heart? (well--he doesn't talk but you know what I mean) Prove it and take the Mr. Bean challenge! It will start off easy but only get more difficult as the test progresses so put your Bean Thinking Cap and let's get started!

Do you think you know Bean more than anyone else? Well, it is time to prove that you are the master in Bean trivia. Many will attempt, but few will be able to answer these 10 questions about Bean. Are you the ultimate Bean-master?

Created by: Mr. Bean

  1. Which talented actor plays Mr. Bean
  2. What is the name of Mr. Bean's girlfriend?
  3. What color is Mr Bean's car?
  4. In the first episode, Mr. Bean is taking a calculus test. The problem is, he studied for a different subject. What was that subject?
  5. On his birthday, Mr. Bean celebrates at a restaurant ordering what dish?
  6. What was the highest-rated Mr. Bean episode of all time?
  7. When Mr. Bean tries to cheer up a sick boy, he blows up a paper bag getting ready to pop it. However, as he turned his head, the sick boy filled the bag with what?
  8. What stuffed animal does Mr. Bean have?
  9. Rowan Atkinson has what impressive academic degree?
  10. When does Mr. Bean's Holiday come out on theaters?

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