Test your brain power

Most people have some knowledge of random trivia. However, how often do they actually test that knowledge? Test yours today. It will just take a couple of minutes.

It may not be an IQ test but it will test your IQ. Give it a shot, what have you got to lose except a few minutes from you day. And really, if your're surfing the internet, how busy can you be?

Created by: Alycia of Alycia's MySpace
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  1. All glibs are globs, and all gliths and globs. So, are all gliths also glibs?
  2. A salad contains lettuce and four other veggies. How many veggies are actually in the salad?
  3. How many s's are in this sentence?
  4. Amanda, Manda, and Anna are all shopping. Manda buys a necklace, and Anna buys a bracelet. What should Amanda buy?
  5. The average person consumes 2000 calories a day. If someone wants to lose weight they should...
  6. There are 3 major bones in the human arm. List them largest to smallest.
  7. What is the name of the largest island on the planet?
  8. How many seconds are there in a day?
  9. Complete the pattern: ()()<>()(){}()()[]()()...
  10. Solve this equation: 4x+10=50 x=?

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