The Stupid Test

You think your smart? I'll judge that. If you earn a high enough grade, i might reconsider you being stupid. So come on and take my test if you dare.

Smart people are like the brain in the world. Are you one of those people? Find out in my test if you have the brain power to be a high society man/woman. So come on and take my test!

Created by: Juski
  1. What is 35x40?
  2. What is the square root of pie?
  3. When a bird flys to a different spot because of weather change, what is this called?
  4. What is positive 7 minus negative 23?
  5. What is smarter, a gorilla or a monkey?
  6. Who founded electricity?
  7. Is this test hard?
  8. What is 2+2?
  9. What does # mean in music?
  10. Last question.......what is an organism?

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