7th Grade Digital Music Pretest

Are you a music genius. Music is the study of organized sound it is also a wonderful way to increase your brain power. Take the quiz to find out what happens

Are you a music genius? Take this quiz to find out. Remember music is the only form of education that used both sides of your brain. Can you use both sides of your brain?

Created by: music123 of Bristol Tennessee City Schools
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  1. The music term staff is
  2. In music the beat is
  3. The fraction that you see at the beginning of each song the top number refers to:
  4. A dynamic marking is used to:
  5. The correct format in naming the lines of the Treble clef are:
  6. A quarter note receives _ beat of sound
  7. A sixteenth note receives_ counts of sound
  8. A half note receives _ counts of sound
  9. The definition of music is
  10. A sound is measured in
  11. Each musical tone has its own
  12. Sound is measured in
  13. The correct name for the outside of the ear is the
  14. The outside of the ear functions to
  15. The ear canal helps to
  16. The portion of the ear that is a thin piece of skin stretched between the inner and outer ear that is used to collect sound and vibrate is called
  17. What part of the ear sends electric signals to the brain that causes us to hear
  18. another name for a compression wave is a
  19. To amplify a sound the amplifier must

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