digital revolution

Technology has become a prominent feature in everyday life. Schools, work places, even homes have become dominated by the digital world. Though this does not mean that everyone is used to technology being part of their life.

The differences between those who are used to the digital revolution and those who are not by are known as the Digital Native and the Digital Immigrant, respectively. Understanding where you stand on the digital scale will help you improve your understanding of the Digital Revolution

Created by: tesha
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  1. Would you look up the answers on the Web or in a book?
  2. Do you print material from the web to read them "properly"
  3. When using a new technology, do you read the manual first or figure it out as you go?
  4. Does learning things step by step work for you?
  5. How do you keep up with your friends?
  6. How do you read a book?
  7. How to do you try to capture pictures?
  8. How do you find new recipes?
  9. Do you believe computer games can have educational value?
  10. Do you remember a time before the web was everywhere

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