Are You Up For "the Digital Technology Spiciness!?"

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"Digital technologies are electronic tools, systems, devices and resources that generate, store or process data. These includes social media, online games and applications, multimedia, productivity applications, cloud computing, interoperable systems and mobile devices".

"How hot can you go with digital technology? Do you have the brainpower to qualify for the prestigious title of "DIGITAL MASTER?" Until now you could only wonder, but thanks to this great quiz, you will find out soon!"

Created by: Shira
  1. Hey hottie! Do you use social media often? I bet you do! *selfie!*
  2. Next, what age group is born after the digital revolution? FYI:Spicy level: Still meehhhhh..
  3. What cooperative research project has blossomed to be one of the most used internet resources despite its questionable accuracy?
  4. 'SPECTACLES' are smart glasses that capture 10-second video. The glasses will allow the video to sync wirelessly to a user's phone for sharing purposes. Hence, which photo sharing platform launched 'SPECTACLES'?
  5. Wooo baby! Can you feel the hotness already?! Level up with the next question! Tell me, what type of commerce is enabled by technology?
  6. Not bad! You are on question 6! Okay sweetheart, I want to know what unit is used to distinguish picture quality of digital cameras?
  7. Alexa, Amazon Echo, Apple's Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Google Assistant are based on interaction between human and technology, do you know what type of technology is behind it?
  8. You got this darling! Among the payment methods below, which one can be used online and is legit?
  9. Your face is red! Give up already? No? Nice! Let us proceed. Bill Gates is the technological leader for?
  10. Oh snap! Where can I buy Bitcoin from?
  11. Que Pasa (What's up) baby? Need water? Still can stand the hotness? Yes!? On to the next one! Which social media platform is owned by Facebook?
  12. Woolalaaa.. Roll in the last question! Hmmm.. Tell me which is the world second biggest search engine after Google?

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Quiz topic: Am I Up For "the Digital Technology Spiciness!?"