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Today, 91% of job applications are online; government subsidies are delivered via direct deposit and basic computer skills are essential for even the lowest skilled career fields. In today's market, everyone needs to be digitally literate. Are you? Take the quiz!

In the digital age, a computer and Internet access is a necessity, yet 41% of Philadelphians do not have access. Formed to tackle this problem, Philly KEYSPOT is bringing Internet access, training and technology to communities citywide.

Created by: Preston
  1. When you turn on a computer, what software will start first?
  2. Which unit is the smallest unit of data storage?
  3. What time of internet connection is fastest?
  4. Which of the following would you use to access the internet?
  5. If you wanted to find a picture of a specific zoo animal, what site would you need?
  6. Which of the passwords below would be considered the strongest?
  7. What are the benefits of reducing the file size of an audio file before emailing it?
  8. Wow! I just won a FREE TV on the internet! I don't remember entering in this contest, but all I need to do is give them my social security number and I can get a FREE TV! Isn't this great?
  9. You are working on a document on your computer, what do you do to make sure you don't lose your work?
  10. In your phone, you have just discovered an unflattering picture of you at a venue of ill-repute engaging in less than esteemed activities. What should you do with the picture?

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