Which Digital Jedi are you?

Bigfoot Digital are running a competition to find the next 'Digital Jedi'. You can enter if you are aged between 16-18 and go to college in South Yorkshire.

This quiz is just a bit of fun for anyone to see which digital Jedi you would be. Prepare yourself for some questionable puns and tangible links to the Star Wars universe...

Created by: Sam of [no urls]
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  1. What does SEO stand for?
  2. What's your favourite website?
  3. Do you write a blog?
  4. How often do you Tweet?
  5. Have you ever used an Adobe product (e.g Photoshop)
  6. Do you know what link building is?
  7. Have you ever used 'Google analytics' or similar software?
  8. Have you ever used Pinterest?
  9. Have you ever uploaded a video to Youtube or a similar site?
  10. Are you interested in digital marketing?

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Quiz topic: Which Digital Jedi am I?