Star Wars: The Jedi Path. How much do you know

There are many people who say that they know the Jedi code, but many Cant tell between The difference in a light saber and a light club. This test was based off the book: The Jedi Path. (I strongly suggest you read the book) I'm working on part 2. Please tell me if you find another test like this. I tried to find one but I could not find one like this. may the force be with you.

This is for the committed Jedi that know the Jedi Path. This test is based off of the book and ( in my opinion) EXTREMELY HARD. I recommend those of you who want to pass to read The Jedi Path. May the Force be with you.

Created by: Lovetheblue
  1. OK: let's start off with the jedi code. Which of these reaffirms The Jedi ideal to act without recklessness and to view the actions of others to Pure lens of the undefined force
  2. The next few questions are going to be about the Jedi history. Between the Jedi and Sith, what was their first war called
  3. Before the light saber, Jedi had what type of weapon?
  4. Where were the force wars fought
  5. These next questions are about the Jedi ranks. A Initiate becomes a Padawan when he or she is _____ years old
  6. What is the highest rank of a Jedi?
  7. The Jedi service Corps Encompasses the_,_,_,and _
  8. The exploring corps does many things. They search out planets and chart solar systems. They also travel to unknown parts of the galaxy. One in particular was found by a Jedi master named Luke Skywalker. What was the ships name?
  9. The medical Corps has special crystals that can heal. These crystals are called?
  10. Light sabers can cut most material, but some cannot be cut with a light saber. Which of these is the most strongest to withstand a light sabers blow.
  11. This next set of questions are about light saber forms. There are seven forms of light saber con back. Form one was used to focus on your training as a youngling. What does form 2 known for?
  12. The marks of contact our four disabling your opponents. Shiim is the palm of your hand, shiak is the shoulder. Where doses the Cho Mai mark cut?
  13. It is rare for Padawans to construct nonstandard light sabers during their visionary experiences on ILum. there are _ unique lightsaber variants. How many?
  14. Jedi's sense abilities are strong in the force. These next few questions are about the Jedi's telepathy. What name describes the ability that allows a Jedi to sense the history of an object, deeper than any recording?
  15. What is the easiest way to magnify your sense?

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Quiz topic: Star Wars: The Jedi Path. How much do I know