Are you a Digital Native or Immigrant

Do you think, speak, breathe technology? Are you lost without constant connectivity and information at your fingertips? Then you may be a Digital Native

Or...Do you think all this technology is a big fad made up by massive companies for big profits. Let us find out...Take this quiz to see which you are

Created by: laura10061988
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  1. How would a day without technology be for you?
  2. How do you listen to music? (Please pick the one that most applies)
  3. Where would you first go to look up an answer?
  4. Do you work out new programs/devices as you go or read the manual?
  5. You upgrade your phone...
  6. Do you prefer to print out material to read later or read online
  7. How do you order a takeaway?
  8. How do you document photos from a holiday or event?
  9. Do you remember a time before the web was everywhere?
  10. Which would you consider yourself to be

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Quiz topic: Am I a Digital Native or Immigrant