Native American Or Pilgrim

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Would you rather be a Native American or a Pilgrim? Take this short, FREE quiz to found out!!! Then tell all your friends or become a Native American or a Pilgrim for Halloween!

Are YOU a Native American? Or are YOU a Pilgrim? Decisions, decisions, thinking, thinking.... well, how about you take this quiz to find out!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Anonymous

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  1. Would you rather eat fresh, hunted deer and berries or cooked turkey and mashed potatoes?
  2. Would you rather wear buffalo skin or clothes made of cotton?
  3. Would you rather live in a tipi or house?
  4. What would you rather do with your life?
  5. What color of skin/hair would you rather have?
  6. How would you spend your free time?
  7. Religion?
  8. Wildlife?
  9. Children?
  10. Would you rather be a Native American or a Pilgrim if you lived in the past?

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