Are you an Immigrant?

Even though America is the land of all Immigrants, many people tend to forget this. There are many people today who are immigrants at heart and still don't know. But not just ANY immigrant, the Carib Immigrant, the most immitated,and often duplicated Immigrant of all time!

Take this quiz to find out if you are an Immigrant and if you're not its pefectly ok.. you just probably have a real boring life! SO please tell your friends and dont forget those haitians which make life worth living!

Created by: VeeRon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where were you born?
  2. What do you normally drink in the morning?
  3. Can you understand Patois?
  4. WHat is your favorite type of music?
  5. How many languages can you speak? Patois included
  6. Which monster scared you the most?
  7. What are Darkers?
  8. If your mom sent you to the "veranda" where would you go?
  9. Who is Bob Marley to you?
  10. How many times have you bathed in cold water?
  11. Click which ever one applies to you
  12. When your friends meet your parents you must...
  13. How old were you when you first drank liquor
  14. How many haitians do you know? (Believe it or not this can affect your immigrant status)
  15. What do you call your parents?
  16. Why did your parents get married?
  17. One of your parents played one or more of these sports
  18. How many times a day do you blame something on "Babylon"

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Quiz topic: Am I an Immigrant?