60's Music Trivia Number One

The music of the 1960's was a very diverse and new. It seemed that every 6 months a new unheard of sound was being created. Do you remember that period of great musical invention?

Let's jump back to the 60's and see if you can remember some the artists that help create the sounds and styles that defined the music for generations to come.

Created by: Rick Holly
  1. What year and month did the Beatles first land in the US?
  2. Who sang lead for Paul Revere and the Raiders?
  3. What television newtwork hosted SHINDIG?
  4. What 60's band had the most apperances on the Ed Sullivan show?
  5. Micky Dolenz of the Monkees started out his prfessional career as a child actor starring in what televison show?
  6. Before changing their name to The Byrds what name did they record under?
  7. What was Bob Dylan's first Top 10 hit?
  8. In December of 1964 Brian Wilson stopped touring with the Beach Boys to concentrate on his writing and recording.Who replaced Brian in the Beach Boys?
  9. The Beau Brummels came from what west coast city?
  10. Who was Pink Floyds founder and first lead singer?
  11. Who was The Beatles first drummer?
  12. Now for a tough one.On their first album there were four Supremes, Diane Ross, Flo Ballard, Mary Wilson and one other girl. Who?
  13. Herb Alpert of Tijuana Brass fame started his career as a song writter.What hit song did he write for Sam Cooke?
  14. Name the song that gave us the term "heavy metal".
  15. The Who's original name was?
  16. Who was the first American artist to do a cover of a Beatles song?
  17. The Yardbirds gave birth to three famous guitar players. Eric Clapton was replaced by Jeff Beck. Who replaced Jeff Beck?

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