A legend love story part 2

There are many many many many many many MANY people in this world that think they are special. And some ARE,in this quiz you ARE a special,and you have evil to face.

There will also be a BOG BIG BIG BIG amount of cute boys,frenemies,girls,myths,THE FULL MONTY SO PLZ COMMENT LIKE FAVE AND have fun. Thanks for coming to this quiz

Created by: Mooncookie

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  1. You and the person that grabbed you are following the others to a clearing with a waterfall,and to your surprise,they don't stop! What do you do?
  2. The person that's holding you (for now if u choose who it is,I put --- ) pulls you through the waterfall just as the earth starts rising up,you see that Anastasia can't get past. 'Anastasia!' You scream,but she just turns away,and you hear her murmur 'I'm sorry,but you're much more important' Just as you pull away from ---,the earth engulfs her and you see her form vanish...
  3. 'I've got to save her!' You scream,and you start running towards the curtain of water,but suddenly,something hits you in the leg and as you cry out in pain,you fall into the water and start sinking until a current sweeps you into a cave as you fall int unconscious...
  4. 'Amber! Amber please wake up! Please...' You come back into consciousness gasping for air and being smothered by blankets. 'I'm,I'm ok...' You say,as you look around and come back into focus. 'You're ok!' Carter says,and he hugs you tight. 'Carter,how did you get down here?' You say,and he blushes. 'Well,you see,I'm not realy human...I'm actually a......merman' he says,and you burst out laughing,but then you see his face is deadly serious.
  5. 'Wait,so if your a merman...' You start,but carter cuts you off. 'I'm not just a merman,I'm also a half-dragon' he says. This is getting a bit much to take in,so you suggest getting the others down as well. 'Ok,but it's a bit dangerous for Sam to come down,because he's a...' But he gets cut off again,because the others arrive. What do u say?
  6. You are about to say something when --- picks you up and Sam says 'we'll explain later,but right now the cave is being attacked by skeletons! We have to head back to Elysium!' You think that's a bit weird,and you are about to cry 'why Elysium! I'm to young to die!' When there is a bright flash and you are telpeported to the outside of a big city.
  7. When you wake up fully,you see the others faint and bleeding! What to do?
  8. Once they are all ok,you astray walking towards the city,with the others in pursuit.
  9. As you walk I to the city,u bump into a......... CLIFFHANGER
  10. Ok,did you like this quiz?

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