A legend love story

Hello everyone and welcome to my "a legend love story"! Even though it doesn't say,I could and WILL make more of these and it WILL hopefully get exiting!

Do YOU think you could win one of these hotties hearts? If so,play my next quiz of the series! I so so so SO hope it gets more exiting for you and that you get the hottie!

Created by: Mooncookie

  1. I'm gonna explain first. Basically,your name is Amber,and you have long black hair to your waist,pale skin,and purple eyes.
  2. You are walking in a forest with your friend,Anastasia,when there is a sudden black out,and when the lights come back,there is a sudden rustling,what do you do?
  3. You decide to climb up the tree,but when you look down,you curse,because Anastasia isn't there. 'Anastasia!' You call,but no reply. 'Well,that was some language earlier!' You hear someone say. As you look round in surprise,you lose your grip and fall out.
  4. As you fall out the tree,someone or something catches you,but not before you faint...
  5. 'Ugh,were am I? What happened?' Are the first words you say as you wake up. 'Glad to see you awake Amber!' A familiar voice says.
  6. Someone else comes into the tent you were in. 'Try not to fall out any more trees,ok?' He says. This boy has emerald green eyes and black hair,is tall pale and good looking-ish,and acts very sweet as he hands you some water.
  7. 'Umm,thanks' you say as you accept the water. 'Why were you climbing that tree? It's not safe!' Anastasia says,shaking you. 'Hey,it wasn't my fault! at least I didn't abandon you!' You bark back,and you hear someone call the name "Joel" and the boy backs out
  8. After the slagging of match in the tent,you crawl out and see the boys. There is Joel,a white-blonde floppy haired hazel eyed guy,and a blue eyed red-head. You find out that the red-head is called Sam,and the floppy haired boy is called Carter
  9. There is a very sudden earthquake,as if HULK jumped in. The others start running and someone grabs you,who is it?
  10. Last question! Did u like this quiz?

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