Where Angels Cry 1

Hello guys! This story/quiz series is my new project. I really hope you like it! I put as much effort in it as I possibly could. Your name is Destiny. First two questions are a legend I wrote myself.

This story was inspired by xX3moAng3lXx's story quiz series "Scary Love". I loved it so much, that I had to make my own quiz story based on hers. You might think it's copying, but I just got an insapiration, and I tried not to copy her as much as I could. :)

Created by: xLoveAngelx
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  1. The legend says that once upon a time, when the earth was empty and lifeless, a magical flower appeared out of nowhere. When the flower shined for the first time, a little child was born. It was a girl. Her name was Melody. She was beautiful. Wherever she stepped more flowers and trees appeared. When she grew up, the earth was already green. But the plants started dying...
  2. Melody realized the plants needed water and air. So she went over to the plant that she was born from, and revived it before it's last shine. Out of nowhere, a beautiful blue universe was created. The sky became blue, and clouds appeared. It started raining. Melody was very happy, running around she grew even more plants. But something was still missing. Suddenly, everything was dark like before. Melody was frightened. Death came to visit her. It wasn't a friendly visit, it was her death. When she died, the mythical light flew up high into the sky, and created a sun that will always shine. The flower that Melody was born in produced more humans. Humans with wings... And a new population was created. The myths say that the Angels are resting up in the skies. Waiting for their queen to rise once again.
  3. (Pretend you are saying I and stuff. Your name is Destiny)
  4. The sun was setting down. I flew over to it while watching it go down. Then I sat on a cloud. Lauren joined me. "Hey." "Hi", I replied. "Are you watching the sun again?" "Yeah. It's just fascinating, because the legend says..." "Yes I know. You still believe she never died,and are willing to find the flower. Am I right?" "You are. It's freezing, let's just go inside."
  5. As I walked to the castle door, they opened infront of me. I saw Dave leaned on a wall, bored, while Max and Andrew were nowhere to be found.
  6. "Where are Max and Andrew?", I asked.Dave responded with a sarcastic tone: "I don't know, I don't care." The smile that was on my face suddenly became unfriendly.Lauren just rolled her eyes.I told her I need some rest,and after that I went to my room to get some sleep.After all,it was a long day.When I fell asleep, I dreamed about...
  7. When I woke up, I felt a strange breeze.And I felt pain.In my head I was singing my favorite song, not willing to open my eyes but forget the pain. Nobody sees, nobody knows... We are a secret, can't be exposed...Then I felt like someone was watching me.It was strange.I opened my eyes, and I saw Andrew.He was looking at me,worried."What's wrong? Why are you here?", I asked curiously."You fell asleep.When Lauren came to check on you,there was a big wound on your stomach.We couldn't do anything but bandage the wound and wait for you to wake up" he said gently.I was shocked.Why? How? Many questions were in my head,and none of them had answers.I was scared.Is there someone hunting us? Are we in danger now?
  8. After some time,when I woke up,Andrew was still here.I started crying because the pain was too strong.Andrew came and sat beside me,hugging me.When the pain stopped,he looked gently at me.I couldn't resist it.I started leaning towards him.As his lips touched mine,all the thoughts went flying through my head.It was beautiful tho.He was kissing me for like 6 minutes, and when he stopped we both smiled.He then sat back at the chair he was sitting on before.I fell asleep, again.
  9. I dreamed I was Melody.I dreamed about her death,about the flower. I need to find it, and it has to be soon.As soon as I recover,I have to find it.
  10. CLIFFHANGER! GOTCHA! 😏 Did you like it? I hope you did! More coming in real soon, REAL quick! Hot n' spicy, it'll be delivered on the plate! Comment and rate if you want!

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