Which song are u from band Guardian Angels?

take this quiz if you like Guardian Angels if you don't know them then still take it and find out what songs u are from them their voices are Amazing and I hope they become very famous later on in life

What song are YOU from Guardian Angels? Are u Hurt,Memories of love,Party in the RSA or Walk away? Take this quiz and find Out be sure to comment and rate to tell me what you like about this quiz! Please take!follow your dreams

Created by: BelieberSupras6 of quotev
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  1. OK so firstly I wanted to say that Guardian Angels are not famous their U-tube vids will start in 2016
  2. What's your 2 fave song in the whole world
  3. Biggest Problem
  4. Pick a song Name
  5. Pick a sentence it comes from the songs on question 6 made by Guardian Angels
  6. Out of these what do u think is the worst
  7. Follow me on twitter @BieberAriLover1
  8. Favourite tv show
  9. When u heard Jasmine Villegas got abused what did u do???(She act in Baby video)
  10. Biggest fears

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