The Legend Of Olympus(Wolf RP)

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Hi ! This is my first quiz, so write a comment. And don't judge me ! The Legend Of Olympus is a The Legend Of Zelda X Kingdom Hearts like RP. I hope you enjoy !

You are a silver wolf named Wolfy. You're a male. Your pack is the Destiny Forest Pack. Wolfy is a playful, gentle, sweet, curious, protective, kind, strong, courageous and a very very very loyal wolf. You can't dream to have a better friend than Wolfy ! He's wonderful ! His fur is clean and fluffy. His eyes are sapphire blue.

Created by: Wolfy190
  1. Do you like wolves ? How much ?Personnaly I LOVE wolves ! They are beautiful !
  2. What is your favorite color ?
  3. Now the RP.You're sleeping in the den with Fluffy. You wake up because of a scream of pain. What do you do ?
  4. You decide to go help. You fond a Demiwolf ! He looks alive. You want to help but you don't know what to do. The pup that you always was is surfacing again... You whine. What will you do ?
  5. You finaly decide to call your pack for help. The Beta, Delta and Gamma wolves are helping Wolf to take him to the den. The Demiwolf finaly wake up. You curiously observe him. "Who are you ?" Demand the Demiwolf. "My name is Wolfy !" You say him. "And you ?" "I am Thomas. Call me Tom" he said.(Later) You're in your spot, Ruby is affectuously groom your fur. What do you think ?
  6. You finaly fall asleep your head on Ruby. "Good night, Wolfy" She say. A pup demand you if he can sleep with you. How do you react ?
  7. You accept that the pup sleep with you, so you take care of him. He finish to wake up because he's hungry. What will you bring to him ?
  8. There is a conflict with the alpha and the omegas.What will you do ?
  9. You run back in your den, and crying in a corner. Sapphire's coming to find you. "Why do you cry ?" He demand.
  10. To be continued hope you enjoyed this quiz !

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