Wolf love story! Only for female wolves!

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Hi! My name is Wavewhisker, a queen in riverclan! This is my last quiz of this series, the wolf love story. Remember, the choice is yours, so, have fun! Hope you like it!

This quiz is about a she-wolf named Dawn in the Silverflame pack. There are three male wolves that seems to like her. She will choose who she will be her mate. Well, have fun!

Created by: Wavewhisker

  1. "Hey, Dawn!" You turned around, and saw Rain padding up to you. "What is it?" You said, tilting your head to one side. "I'm going to practice swimming with Crow. Wanna go with us?" "Yeah! Let's go!" You shouted, feeling pleased. "Then, let's get going!" Rain nudged you, and you started walking towards the river.
  2. "Well, let's start!" Rain shouted, and dived into the river. Soon he came popping out, smiling. You and Crow dived too, laughing with joy. But suddenly, a branch fell from the tree, hitting your head. You trampled, but Crow was there to steady you. "Sorry, Crow." You said, turning to Crow. "No problem!" He replied, shyly.
  3. You went back to the cave, your body sore from swimming. "I'm so tired..." Crow sighed, and stretched his body. "Yeah, me too." You said, sitting up. "You guys, how was the swimming practice?" You heard Icicle's low voice, and nudged Crow to get up. "It was amazing!" Rain replied, bowing his head. "We all can swim now." Crow nodded, turning to Icicle. "I see." Icicle replied. "Dawn, I need to talk to you. Do you want to go hunting with me?"
  4. Whatever answer you chose, you will go hunting with Icicle.(well, you gotta listen to the Alpha!) "Dawn... I was meaning to tell you..but.." Icicle began. "I kinda like you. You can refuse, but... would you be my mate?" What will you answer?
  5. If you chose Icicle as your mate, this quiz will be over. Go to 9. If you like another wolf, continue this question.You got back to the cave, worrying that Icicle might be angry. "Hey! Dawn! Why are your tail so droopy?" Pine came next to you, and sat down. "Icicle said that he likes me, but I refused, so I'm worried that he might be angry." You replied. Pine looked surprised, but he said in a cheerful voice, "will you be angry if I said I like you?" You stared at him in astonishment, while he continued. "I love you, Dawn. I know this is a bad time but... will you be my mate?"
  6. If you chose Pine as your mate, go to question 9. If you like another wolf, continue.You ran in your nest, and sat there. "Hey, Dawn, what's the matter?" Rain rose up from his nest and sat next to you. His warm pelt pressed on your fur. "I wanted to tell you this since I was a pup. Dawn, I want to be more than a friend to you. Will you be my mate?"
  7. If you said that you like another wolf, continue.You noticed Cloud padding up to you. "Hey, Dawn. Can I sit with you?" "Sure." You answered, feeling the warmth of his pelt as he sat down. "So... how was the swim in the river?" He asked, twitching his ears curiously. "It was fine." You shrugged. You and Cloud shared tongues, then suddenly Cloud looked straight into your eyes. "Dawn, I was meaning to tell you this. I love you more than anyone else. Would you be my mate?"
  8. If you said you love another wolf, continue. As Cloud padded away, Crow came in to the nest, and lied down next to you. "Hi, Crow." You called, and he turned around. "Hi! Today was fun, wasn't it? I mean, the swimming." He said. "Yeah, like when Rain fell from the rock!" You replied, and Crow laughed. "I liked that part, too!" He chuckled. Suddenly, Crow's face turned serious. He turned to you, and said, "I gotta tell you something. You know, I liked you since I was a pup. Um... will you be my mate?"
  9. What character did you like the best? (This does not count in the results)
  10. Last of all, how was the quiz?

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