How well do you know Legend of Zelda Four Swords?

The book Legend of Zelda Four Swords is a great book, and if you've read it then you probably think so too! If you do, then you'll be exited to hear that this quiz is all about it!

Have you ever wondered exactly how well you know that book? Well this quiz can help! There are right and wrong answers to each question, and it will tell you in percentage how well you know the book. It is just like a test at school, except it's fun!

Created by: Lavender
  1. What happens in the very first scene?
  2. Who does Princess Zelda get captured by?
  3. How does Link get split into four?
  4. What does the Link in the red tunic name the Link in the purple tunic?
  5. Why does the Link in the blue tunic want the main Link to switch tunics with him?
  6. Does the Link in the red tunic name all of the Links according to their tunic color?
  7. What does Shadow Link do after the Links leave the castle?
  8. What happens after the four Links meet?
  9. Why is Arcy afraid of the Links?
  10. What happens when the Links go back into the castle after they had left?
  11. What happens after they fight Shadow Link?
  12. Where do the Links go next?
  13. What is wrong at Erune's village?
  14. What does Blue find under his pillow?
  15. What does Rosy do?
  16. What does Green say about the world that the rock takes them to?
  17. What do the tiny rocks with eyes attach Red with?(Heheh such a TINY detai!l)
  18. What does the big eye attach Red with?
  19. How does Blue defeat the big eye?
  20. Where do they aim to go next?
  21. How do they get 'torn apart'?
  22. Where does Green land?
  23. Where does Blue land?
  24. Where does Red land?
  25. Where does Vio land?
  26. Who does Vio meet there?
  27. Where does Green run to after he wakes up?
  28. Who does Green meet there and how does he defeat it?
  29. Who is the thing he defeated?
  30. Where does he tell Link Princess Zelda is?
  31. Where does Red end up?
  32. Where do Red an Blue go?
  33. How does Vio say that Green died?
  34. How does Big Poe plan to defeat Red and Blue?
  35. Who does he try to kill first but ends up swallowing whole?
  36. How do they defeat Big Poe?
  37. What does Vio say at his very last part in Part 1?
  38. Does Green actually die in Part 1?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Legend of Zelda Four Swords?