How well do you know The Legend of Zelda?

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Some people play Zelda. Others obsess over Zelda. Some people don't know if they can honestly consider themselves a fan of this series. This quiz has questions for multiple Zelda games to test your true knowledge. You could possibly have the skill to answer these questions, and correctly at that.

Do you truly know a lot about The Legend of Zelda series? Really? Even the smallest details? Are you a true fan? Taking this test might just give you the answer to that! Not just to one game either, or just the series, but to everything in relation to The Legend of Zelda, how about that?

Created by: Benjiro
  1. Which character does the player control?
  2. Which game was the last game made for Gamecube...?
  3. In the beginning of Majoras Mask, what is Link searching for?
  4. Does Link have any blood related family in any of the games?
  5. In Skyward Sword, how many times do you fight Ghirahim?
  6. Zoras are...?
  7. Link is...? (Mainly)
  8. In Ocarina of Time, Mido...
  9. How many Super Smash Bros. games was Link in?
  10. True or False: There is a manga* of The Legend of Zelda (Manga* is a book...)
  11. Majoras Mask is based on...?
  12. In Skyward Sword, How many times does Link battle The Imprisoned?
  13. In Spirit Tracks, Link's companion is...?
  14. In Ocarina of Time, how many years can Link travel?
  15. In Ocarina of Time, if you hit a cucco, they...?
  16. In Twilight Princess, you hit a cucco, they...?
  17. True or False, Zelda is a real person...?
  18. "Well excuse me, Princess!" Is from...?
  19. The part of the Triforce that Link has is...?
  20. The Four Swords colours consist of...?
  21. Final question, Ghirahim is FABULOUS!?! (Answer 2 is correct, btw)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Legend of Zelda?