Cool Zelda stuff

There are many Video game smarties out there, but not many to challenge if you don't know what you're talking about. So take this quiz and be one step farther to being a Zelda master.

Start the quiz if you think you are a total nerd, and think you could win the test. And you will learn how much of a master you are at The Legend of Zelda.

Created by: Savanna
  1. What was Link turned into in Twilight princess?
  2. What animal does link like more?
  3. What is was the Civil war worth fighting over?
  4. What caused the Great Flood?
  5. What is Termina?!
  6. What is Dark Zelda's name in Lorule
  7. What do people say most to link in skyward sword?
  8. What was the dark history of Hyrule?
  9. How many year was link asleep in the Temple of time for?!
  10. In the New Zelda Breath of the wild, what colour is link's hair?

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