how well do you know legend of zelda

the legend of zelda might not be the most well known series but it is by far one of the coolest ones out there. i wanted to make this quiz to see how much people still knew about this epic series.

How much do you know about legend of zelda? The series is full of multiple installments and some of the storylines too date. How much do you know about the ancient land of hyrule and the secrets and legends of it?

Created by: horhea jenkins
  1. how many years has legend of zelda been created?
  2. who was the first person you ever met in the legend of zelda series?
  3. what is the most popular legend of zelda game?
  4. what happened to midna at the end of twilight princess?
  5. what was the third zelda game in the franchise?
  6. what was the name of the first forgotten zelda game that cd-i made?
  7. what happened when link defeated the evil wizard in the game a link to the past?
  8. which animal did link turn into when he went in the gameplay of a link to the past?
  9. how many zelda games has nintendo re-made?
  10. what is the name of the spirit that resides in the master sword in skyward sword?
  11. what is the name of the sage of light in ocarina of time?
  12. what is the name of the sage of spirits?
  13. what did the sage of spirits promise you seven years ago when you were a kid and you got her the silver gauntlets in ocarinna of time?
  14. what is the name of the sage of fire?
  15. what are the three spells you acquire in ocarina of time?
  16. how many zelda games were made?
  17. do you think that I did a good job making this quiz?

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