Legend of zelda: Twilight princss quiz

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This quiz is about a famous game on the wii or ds and many more: Legend of Zelda Twilight princess. This game was created for the WII (console of course).

The Legend of zelda is one of my favourite games I have ever played in my whole entire life so I thought how about I create a quiz based on one of the games so i've chosen Twilight princess. I hopr you like this Quiz, ENJOY!!

Created by: Rhys-Jon
  1. How many bosses were there?
  2. What weapon/item did Link use to defeat the Zant?
  3. Who was the Twilight princess?
  4. How many hyrule fields did you have to cross to reach Kakiro village?
  5. True or false, Ganondorf came from Hylia desert?
  6. True or false, Armoghoma was an insect?
  7. True or False,Did mindna come from the Twilight realm?
  8. Out of the following who were the chosen ones?
  9. Link had wich part of the Triforce?
  10. Who had a gigantic scratch down their chest which made that their weak spot?

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