Waffles Quizs #1:Do you know Ocerina Of Time?

Do you know the Legend Of Zelda:Ocerina Of Time? If you do then dont be a DoshBag and skip it! Anser questions and figure out if you know the legend of zelda ocerina of time! Skill:Adverge

Do you whant your Legen Of Zelda Ocerina of Time brain to know if you really know it??!!??!! Well take this quiz of 17 questions! YAY YAY i say yay randomly all the time Skill:Adverge

Created by: Waffles5566

  1. How many swords do you GET?
  2. Where does Saira go with her ocerina?
  3. How many notes you play on the ocerina (in the game)
  4. What are the Fish People called?
  5. Whats the name of the Great Tree?
  6. Whitch Good Guy died?
  7. What temple is the 2 Witches(fire and ice witches)Located?
  8. Ture or False:By useing a bomb on the Sheika Stone near the Lost Woods Entrace it blast up into space like a rocket
  9. How many Stones do you get?
  10. Where do you get the 3 stones?
  11. How many Golden Skutulas You need to destroy to free all the curses in the skutula house?
  12. Whats the first enemy do you encounter first?
  13. Whats the coular of the 3 Stones?
  14. How many TELEPORT Songs do you learn?
  15. How many shileds do you buy?

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Quiz topic: Waffles Quizs #1:do I know Ocerina Of Time?