The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword

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Skyward Sword isn't the most popular Zelda game, but its my favorite, and if its your too then your in luck. Try this Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword quiz.

This quiz has everything from the beginning to end of Skyward Sword. See if you can slay this quiz like you slayed demise or see if you failed and need to sharpen your skill like sharpening the master sword.

Created by: Tyler K
  1. True or False: In Skyward Sword Zelda is NOT a princess?
  2. What item do you get in Sky view Temple?
  3. What causes you unable to get to the fire dragon?
  4. How many times does the moldarach( giant scorpion) appear in the game?
  5. What changes did the imprisoned have on the 2nd battle.
  6. How many scilent realms are there?
  7. What 3 features does Fi have
  8. Who does Scrapper have a crush on?
  9. Who can you find in the toilet at the knight academy?
  10. At what 2 temples can you find Ghiriham?
  11. Who do you fight in the final boss fight?
  12. Who is the flying shop owner in skyloft?
  13. What piece of land was the goddess statue taken from?
  14. What monster does the Koloktos summon?
  15. Who allows you to re-do boss fights?
  16. Who appears in Links dream?
  17. What is Zelda's true name?
  18. What is the kind demons name in Sky loft?
  19. Ballad of the goddess is what song backwards?
  20. What happens to Fi at the end of the game?
  21. What allows you to go to Zelda in the past?
  22. In Lanayru mining facility and the sand ship, what device allows you go into the past?
  23. What allows Ghiriham to steal your sword in battle?
  24. When groose runs out of bombs in the imprisoned battle, what does he use instead?
  25. Where do you fight demise?

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