Bite Marks: A Vampire Love Story (part 1)

I am sure there are many love stories and vampire stories on gtq. But have you ever seen a vampire love story? Have you ever wanted one?

Well, if you did, then here it is! This is part one of Bite Marks, the incredible love story of fourteen year old Electra and how she was saved by the most handsome boy she had ever seen. Was it just a mere crush, or is this a story of true love?

Created by: iIsNinjaKitty
  1. Hi. I'm Electra, or Lexi for short, and I'm 14 years old. I live in a castle with my little brother and my older brother. Also, I'm a vampire.
  2. Hi. I'm Electra, or Lexi for short, and I'm 14 years old. I live in a castle with my little brother and my older brother. Also, I'm a vampire.
  3. Mum and Dad died when I was only 6, so me and my siblings have to live on our own and care for ourselves. I have to say, it's a right pain in the ----.
  4. Since I'm the girl, apparently I have to do all the cooking and housework and all that junk. I hate it so much but my older brother can't even be bothered to do the effing work.
  5. I'm lying in my room right now, listening to the racket downstairs that my brothers are causing. However, I couldn't be bothered to sort out another one of their stupid problems.
  6. I couldn't stand it for much longer though. I had to get out. I wished it was night so bad.
  7. 'But you know what?' I thought to myself. 'Who cares if I die. I just wanna get out of this stupid place.'
  8. I got up, hitched up my black mini skirt and marched out of my room.
  9. I ran down the dark spiral staircase into the living room. I walked past all of the furniture and old rubbish until I came to Richard and Robert, my brothers. With one click of my fingers, they were forced into the wall and fell flat on the floor.
  10. I continued striding on until I got out of the house. I swung the doors open, and then everything happened.
  11. 'Aaaaahhhhhh!' I screamed in pain. The light was torture. I sunk to the ground. So I wasn't even going to die happily.
  12. All at once, I felt myself being picked up and carted off somewhere. And then, I guess I fell asleep.
  13. 'Hey, hey!' I heard a gentle voice in my sleep. 'Open your eyes!' I tried to, but my eyelids felt like glue. I eventually found the strength to open them. And upon opening them, I swear I saw an angel.
  14. His hair was a mix of brown and blonde and his eyes were the palest blue. His skin looked soft and smooth and he was just all around perfect.
  15. I immediately became aware of myself. My black hair was all messed up and my eyeshadow was smudged so it looked like I'd been crying (which I had been).
  16. I brushed my long, dark hair out of my face and examined the teenager more clearly. He looked even more perfect than he had a minute ago.
  17. I got up immediately. 'Hey...' he said in his soft, soothing voice, gently pushing me until I was lying down again. 'You- you saved my life.' I stammered. 'I was glad to' he said, and kissed my pale forehead.

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