Love can Bite part 2

Hi!!! This is part 2 of Love can Bite!!! ;D I think my series is coming along well. If you like this series you should take the vampire desire series! Still waiting for part 10 though! D:

MUST READ!!! This is a GIRLS ONLY story quiz series! Plus if you haven't taken part 1 go take it!!! Comment and give me suggestions for part3! JADE BLACK- make part 31 of vampire peak soon!

Created by: Mistyheart13

  1. RECAP: you gotta get ready 4 dinner cause its in an hour. remember?
  2. So u get ready for dinner. What do u wear?
  3. Whatever u chose ulook great. You walk downstairs andConnor and Tresten stare at u. Jake has his back to u cause hes making dinner. He turns around to say hi but freezes and stares at u to.
  4. You hate the silence. So u break it. " Whats for dinner?" u ask. The guys seem to snap out of their trance. "Uh... spagetti" Jake replies. " My fav!" u say.
  5. After dinner the guys lead you 2 ur room. "I said we would talk, so we are. " Connor says. "Alright, you can 'talk'" u say. "Look, since were vamps we got powers. " Jake says. "Tresten has teleporting, elemental control, and healing. Connor has Mind Control, elemental control, and healing. I have mind reading, elemental control, andhealing. We also have lots of stanima, super strength, and super speed as all vamps."
  6. "So does that mean i have powers to , since my dads a vamp?" you ask. "Yes. " Tresten says. "Cool!" you say. "What r they?" u ask. "We dont no,"Connor says "but come with me and well find out!"he says. You follow him into a lab downstairs and he awnsers a question u ask. "So all u guys have elemental control and healing?" "Yep" he awnsers as he give you a sweet candy thing and a ring of cloth attached to a cord on the computer. Youput the ring on and eat he candy.
  7. Connor leafds u upstairs 2 youre room where the guys are still talking. They see u guys come in and ask u what ur powers are. "Shes got shapeshifting, teleporting, elemental control, and invisibility." Connor replied. "Wow thats alot!" Jake says. "I kmow. " Connor said.
  8. The guys leave you and Connor alone so u can tlk about ur powers. "Do i really have all those?" you ask. "Yep"he says. "And possibly more." He stares at you. He is staring into ur eyes and you feel all control of your mind slipping away...
  9. He leans in to kiss u not knowing hes controling ur mind and you cant move. When he kisses you he breaks eye contact but he has been staring into your eyes so long he is still controling your mind. The only thing can do os kiss him back and think your own thoughts.
  10. Jake comes in and sees but he reads your mind and realizes Drake put Connor under a spell and Connor didnt know he was controling your mind. "Connor stop!"
  11. Cliffhanger!!! Sorry ill make part3 soon!

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