Paranormal Love (part 5)

Hi everyone, welcome to part 5 of my Paranormal Love series. If you haven't read the others, you might want to. Just to let you know, this one is a little long... *slaps forhead* That's what she said! Well anyway, enjoy! xD

I just realized that I can type without looking at the keyboard... wow! I have talent, but enough about me. Here's a recap: You and Ethan are left alone in your room...

Created by: Firey_Soul

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  1. You wonder why Ethan didn't leave your room like everyone else... not that you wanted him to. You were glad he stayed. Ethan turns to you and your eyes meet, "____, follow me." he says grabbing your hand. He leads you to your balcony. You both look at the beautiful sunset. It was one of the prettiest sunsets you've ever seen. The sky looked like an artist's canvas with bright, beautiful, splahes of paint covering the entire thing. "Wow, it's such a great veiw from here!" you say. Ethan smiles when he sees your eyes light up. "It's an even better veiw from here." Ethan says. You look away from the sunset for a second to see where he's looking, then you realize he's looking right at YOU. His comment makes you blush and laugh. You turn twords Ethan. "Same here." you say. Ethan was already smiling, but his smile got bigger. He has such a cute smile, it was one of those contagious smiles. Like, if someone was having a bad day and they saw Ethan smile, regardless of how bad thier day was, they would smile back. Ethan also had a small dimple in his left cheek, barely noticeable but still adorable.
  2. And his eyes... don't even get me started on his eyes! Okay, so imagine the pretty bluish-turquoise color that swimming pool water is, the intense sky blue that the sky is on a clear, sunny summer day, and the pale icy blue of frost. Mix all these colors together, and you get Ethan's eye color.
  3. Ethan grabs your other hand and you two are facing each other, you two are about 8 inches apart. Ethan is sataring into your eyes, and you can't help but stare into his. Ethan's eyes were so hypnotizing, it was almost impossible to look away. "Your eyes are so gorgeous." you say. Then you blush because that was supposed to stay in your personal thought bubble. Ethan blushes a bit too. "Aw thanks, ____. I was just about to say the same about you." You smile and continue staring into Ethan's eyes... you get totally lost in them after a while...
  4. Then without thinking, you lean in and kiss Ethan on the lips, he kisses you back and it was AMAZING! You kiss him for a good 7 seconds before realizing what you just did. You pull back and blush fiercely "Sorry..." you say. Ethan smiles. "Don't be." he says "I've been wanting you to do that for a long time." You smile in relief.
  5. Ethan hugs you tightly around your waist and you hug him back. Ethan doesn't have a rock hard body, but he still is muscular, and perfect for hugging. You guys stay like that for about 5 minutes. You weren't going to let go until Ethan did... and he hasn't yet!
  6. Once again you lose track of time. The next thing you hear is Anthony's voice. "Hey, guys. Pizza's he..." he stops when he sees you guys hugging. You and Ethan look at him and let go. "Oops," Anthony says "Was I interupting something?" "Um, no..." you say kinda embarassed. You both follow Anthony downstairs. "Aw, too bad Anthony had to intterupt our fun." Ethan whispers on the way downstairs.
  7. You guys all are in the livingroom watching the movie of your choice and stuffing yourselves with pizza. For the rest of the night, you guys watch a few more movies and then play a hilarious game of truth or dare. After midnight, little by little everyone goes to bed until it's just you and Chris in the living room. "Well ____, that was fun." Chris says. "But you might want to go to bed, you have a big day ahead of you." "Okay, Goodnight." you say giving Chris a hug. "Goodnight, ____." Chris says and kisses you on the cheek. You were secretly hoping it would be on the lips, but unfortunately, not this time. You go upstairs to your room and take a quick shower before going to bed. You fall asleep thinking about...
  8. Morning came way sooner than you wanted it to. You could feel someone lightly touching your arm, you opened your eyes to see Chris, his green eyes were lit up and he had a big smile on his face, such a cutie. But can you imagine a an emo looking guy being all cheerful? Well, that's how Chris was, you've never seen him like this. "Morning, ____." he says. "Oh, hey Chris." you reply. You sit up and Chris gives you a hug. "Ready for training?" he asks. You can see that it's still a teeny bit dark. "But it's so early!" you complain. "You'll live. I promise." Chris says smiling. You sigh. "Alright..." you say. "Hey Chris," "Yeah?" "I didn't think you'd be a morning person." you say. "Oh, I'm not really, I'm just..." Chris' voice trails off. "Looking forward to training with me?" you ask hopefully. "Yeah." Chris says with a shy smile. "Well, I'll let you get ready, just meet me downstairs." Chris says leaving your room.
  9. You fight the urge to go back to sleep and drag your butt out of bed. You brush your teeth and fix your hair. You put on a blue tank top, black short shorts, and blue converse. Then you go downstairs to meet Chris.
  10. You and Chris grab a quick bowl of cereal before going outside. The backyard is really cool. There's a big, open feild and you can see the big swimming pool in the distance. You and Chris both sit down in the grass. "So what are we going to do?" you ask. "Well," Chris says. "Since we don't know exactly what your powers are, we're going to have to try everything."
  11. "Let's start with telepathy." Chris says. "It's easy, just try and read my thoughts." That didn't sound all that easy to you, but you still tried. You stare at Chris hoping you'll hear something. 2 minutes passed. "I got nothing." you say "Is that what you were thinking?" You ask. Chris smiles. "Nope." he says. "Try clearing your mind. Maybe your own thoughts are blocking mine." "Okay," you say. You try and clear your mind as best as you can. For a little bit, you hear nothing in your mind, then you hear a voice say "You're beautiful." "Wait, I heard something!" you blurt out. "What was it?" Chris asks. "I heard a voice say 'You're beautiful.'" you reply. "That was me." Chris said blushing a little bit.
  12. "So it looks like you have telepathy as one of your powers, but you can't just go around reading people's minds, they have to somewhat put their thoughts out there, got it?" Chris asks. You nod. "Can you read my thoughts?" you ask. "Not really," Chris says. "Only if I really try. Mind reading is more of Bryan's thing." That would explain a lot. You want to say something but choose not to. "What's next?" you ask. "Let's try levetating." Chris says. "You have to relax, and just imagine your floating up off the ground. It helps to close your eyes." You do as you're told, but nothing happens. You try a few more times and nothing happens.
  13. "Maybe you don't have that power, or you just need to try again later." Chris says. "Let's move on to invisibility." "This one is kind of tricky, so don't worry about it if you don't get it right away." "Okay, what do I do?" you ask. "Concentrate on becoming invisible, nothing else, just you being invisible. Concentrate hard." Chris says.
  14. You try your best to think about you being invisible... and nothing else. "Can you still see me?" you ask. "Yup." Chris says. You open your eyes for a bit and then try again. It doesn't work. "Keep trying, you can do it!" Chris says. You try about 10 more times with no sucess. You are just about to give up, but you decide to try one more time. You open your eyes and see that Chris smiling but he isn't looking at you. You walk around and Chris still doesn't look at you. Then you hear in your mind. "I wonder when she'll realize that I can't see her." "So it worked?!" You blurt out. "Yep!" Chris said "Look at you, ____! You're already using both your powers." "Cool!" you say, you're excited but don't break concentration. You sneak up behind Chris and try not to giggle. "BOO!" you scream and poke him in the sides! Chris jumps "GAH!" he screams. He looks behind him, you were visible again, you lost concentration when you started laughing really hard at his reaction. "Not funny, ____! You scared the living crap out of me!" Chris says trying to hold back a laugh. "Then why are you smiling?" you say between fits of laughter. Chris starts laughing, "You laughing makes me laugh!" he says
  15. You and Chris calm down after a few minutes. "Moving right along..." Chris says still smiling. "Let's see what elements you can control. We're going by the pool for this one." "Okay." You both walk to the pool. Then...
  16. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!! Sorry, but this part was kind of long, I had to wrap it up eventually. So, tell me. Which hottie are you into? (for some reason when I type hearts by the guys' names, they dissapear, weird.)

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