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You are witnessing the final chapters of the ~forbidden love~ series. Hi. I am so sorry for taking so very long on writing this quiz. It's just that when I wrote it, a month later, I checked up on it and no one saw it. I knew it didn't show up on the "new quiz list", I don't know why. So, I just gave up on it. About two months later I thought I'd check it again and it was full. So, I started typing part 8.

Okay, so I know you probably forgot about this series and that you'll need to read part 7 again. When you find this quiz, I want you to know how to find part 9. So, here's what I've planned. For some reason, my computer doesn't let my quizzes get on the new quiz list. At least 2 weeks after you read this quiz, look up my account and take part nine. It'll take max-1 month. I've been so caught up in school and I have to write another book report. So I'll be very busy. And you're quote- "No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance. No one stays in love by chance, it is by work. And no one falls out of love by chance, it is by choice."

Created by: cheese1234
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  1. left off:*end of dream* you woke up from your dream with a gasp. It was just a dream. Phew! Although, Isaac was still arguing. He sounded very angry so you rushed downstairs and saw...
  2. Renzo, Arturo, and Jason are holding back Isaac. Isaac is infuriated and trying to lash out at Carlos who is also trying to hurt Isaac. Carlos is being held back by Luke and Jake. Dulce is curled at his feet, stopping him from attacking. You rushed down the stairs and started a fire separating the guys and they jumped back, in alarm. Isaac noticed you on the stairs and completely soaked you from head to toe. Your fire died and he burst out laughing. You chuckled and ran down the stairs towards him. Carlos had the most hilarious, confused face you've ever seen. "Should we tell them?" Isaac asked you.
  3. . You nodded, giving the guys the most innocent face you've ever made. Then Isaac starts explaining, "Okay, first, _____," he turned to face you, "the reason you heard yelling was because Carlos thinks I don't treat you with the proper caress of a boyfriend. I told him to stay out of it and he refused. We just kept going on and on and now I'm a little upset. So what we wanted to say, Carlos," he now faced Carlos and let you continue, you blushed and cleared your throat before speaking, "Isaac and I are twins. When Luke first met me, he saw Isaac put his arm around me. I think you jumped to conclusions, Luke, because whenever Isaac feels I'm being threatened, he always wraps his arms around me. When I found out you guys thought Isaac and I were a couple, we just HAD to pull this prank." Isaac started laughing again and the guys sighed. You noticed Luke was trying to hide a smile but he couldn't keep the straight face.
  4. *fast forward* everything has cooled down and first period began. You and Carlos spent the entire time pulling pranks on the teacher. Since Mr. D is your chemistry teacher, Carlos purposely poured the wrong liquid with the carbon dioxide so that it would explode. Mr. D was enraged and made you two clean everything up. Once you two cleaned everything up, Carlos made Mr. D keep hurting himself by a "klutz" spell. Finally, before the bell rang, he made Mr. D hallucinate about birds flying around him. You don't recall a time where you have laughed so hard. On your way to second period, Luke whispers in your ear, "Watch this!"
  5. you turned to see what he was talking about and find the same mean jock open his locker and freak out when he finds a letter from "Hollywood Studios". He opens it and reads aloud, "You are a talented rapper and we would love to start a demo for you. Here is our number, 1-800- talentless-loser." Then he flipped the card over and read, "This is a gift from your best friend, Luke. Pranks are NOT overrated." Then he pulled a gift basket out of the locker filled with "get some talent" videos.
  6. You stifled a laugh and continued walking. The joke was mean but he deserved it. You realized Isaac was watching too, through your mind and he whispered in your ear as you two arrived in second period, "He'll live. It's not like it's the end of the world."
  7. Jake is still as quiet as ever but you did notice he signaled the answers to you when you got stuck on a question. Finally it was lunch! Layla and Dulce came to pick you up from your class and this time, Jake didn't bother you and you were relieved from that. Instead, he held the door open for you and bowed his head. You gave him the "what are you doing?" look and he whispered, "Sorry, force of habit, I guess." You shook your head and continued your normal day at school. You started walking to your table and found everyone in a cheery, happy mood.
  8. You sat next to Isaac and he automatically put his arm over your shoulder. You burned it off and he apologized, "Sorry, I got too used to it." Arturo was in one of his best moods and he asked you, "Hey, _____, are you two still a couple?" in a very humorous voice. You laughed and answered, "No. I realized I was too good for him." Then you winked at Isaac and stuck out your tongue in a playful manner. Isaac elbowed you, jokingly and you laughed harder.
  9. . Jason was laughing so hard, milk came out of his nose! You barely ate because you were laughing too much. Once everything quieted down, you saw the guys walk up to their usual table. Only, they didn't sit down. They said something and Layla gasped. You didn't need to ask her what happened because you already knew as soon as the lead cheerleader AKA "little Ms. Perfect" Brittany, stood up and gaped at you. The guys started walking towards your table and Jake asked, "Mind if we sit with you?" Isaac answered, "of course. Your part of the streak, man!" they all smiled and joined you.
  10. Luke sat next to you and when Carlos tried to sit in between you and Isaac, Isaac growled quietly. Carlos sat on Isaac's other side and Jake sat beside him. Though Brittany and her best friend (or clone as you call her), Ashley, give you the most hilarious, confused, angry, jealous, and ultimately PRICELESS face you have ever seen. You giggled with the girls. You were having such a great time when unexpectedly, the topic changed. Everyone was talking about the date that even the guys seemed comfortable with it. You shifted weights awkwardly and you decided to try and get more familiar with the subject. You joined Isaacs's conversation and all he talked about was of how he wanted his girl to be. He wanted her to be all over him, always obedient and loyal. He wanted someone who would voice her opinion from time to time and always know what's up. He wanted someone pretty, a bit shorter than him, light brunette, hazel eyes.
  11. . He wished for someone who would only speak when spoken to. That's when you commented, "Isaac, you're describing a pet dog rather than a girl you're going to marry." That sent a few laughs here and there. Sooner or later, you got lost in your thoughts. Time passed so fast, you realized the date was only in a few days! You were so nervous and scared of the guy in your nightmares that you almost cried. Your eyes started to water.
  12. Of course, Jake knew and he came to be concerned. He began to give you googly eyes and started making funny faces. You smiled and swallowed back the tears. Luke changed the subject to dangers that are soon to come. He actually sounded serious for once, "the DB's are still hunting you guys. I know them, as soon as they see what they want; they won't stop until they get it." Jason pitched into the conversation, "What if you guys get hurt?" he started talking to you and Isaac, "you would be weakened for the date. Even worse, what if they kidnap you? You'd miss it!"
  13. miss it? What if you do miss it? That sounds like a miracle. The idea roamed your thoughts and your eyes turned yellow. You didn't notice you were smiling until you caught Isaac glaring at you, eyes black. You cleared your throat and excused yourself to the lady's room.
  14. The girls followed closely behind you and in the bathroom Dulce brought up the idea of a protection cast. "What if Jason and Carlos mix their powers to make a protection cast?" Luz replied, "No, the D.B. tracks them according to the use of their powers. If they use them, they'll know where we are." Layla said, "I guess we should leave the protection details to the guys." You added, "in case something does happen, you guys run away, okay? Just take the streak and go to one of our trees. If we never return, don't look for us and just go to the date."
  15. The girls were too shocked to hear you say this that they just nodded. You exit the bathroom casually and walk to your lockers. You were having a great time giggling about the thoughts Layla hears and her jokes about them when she froze in her tracks. Your mind began to jump to the worst conclusion: the D.B. Layla shook her head at your thought and you relaxed but became aware. *it's the princesses and they're not too happy with us.*
  16. The girls came out from a corner of the hallway and stood in your path. "Excuse us," you said, innocently. They didn't move. You glared at them, eyes black. "Excuse us; we're trying to get through." Brittany stood in your way, "no." your eyes turned red, "Move." You said sternly. She shook her head, "first we're going to have a little chat." Luz spoke up, "by "˜a little chat' you mean a threat and your skinny little chicken legs are walking away?" Layla stifled a laugh and Ashley glared at her for insulting her friend, "whatever."
  17. Spoke Brittany, "just stay away from my boys and no one gets hurt." You gawped at her, SHE was threatening YOU? You felt your hair get hot (not sweaty hot, it's more of a "˜you burned your hair with a curling iron' hot). It does that when you get very angry. If you don't calm down, it'll get on fire. Not that it ever burns off. "You have NO idea who you're dealing with." You reply with the tiger eyes. You bumped her shoulder with yours and walked off. You heard a discrete "ow!" while you walked off.
  18. When you opened your locker, a note fell to your feet. The girls hovered over it curiously. You picked it up and read the writing on the envelope, "THE DATE". You stared at it in shock. The girls took it from your hands, knowing you were paralyzed. Luz opened it and Dulce took it from her hands reading aloud,
  19. "Dear Streak, We would like to inform you that there has been a change of plans. The date will be tomorrow at 11:30 pm in the Amazon Jungle. We have tickets for your flight in the envelope and an address where you will be living. We know you've had an addition in your streak so we hope they enjoy this evening. Yours truly, Anonymous streak"
  20. Layla gave you remorseful eyes and said, "We have to go show the guys. I already told Isaac we have a letter." Then she telepathized you, *I'm really sorry. It's something we can't fix. There's nothing we can do.* you nodded your head and swallowed back the tears. You met the guys halfway to the cafeteria. Dulce gave Isaac the letter and after reading it he said, "We have to go now then. I don't know how they know about the addition to the streak but then again, they knew where we lived. The tickets say the flight takes off 5 minutes after school ends. So we have 4 hours to get there".
  21. "Let's not forget that it's common sense to be at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight takes off" added Jake. You sighed and commanded, "We go home, get our stuff, and get to the airport." Your eyes turned a deep blue and you lead the way to the schoolyard. 5 minutes after you started walking with Layla, you heard someone call Carlos, "Yo, Carlos! Wait up, man!" You turned back to see the whole streak stop. It was the popular crowd. The whole lot! There must have been at least 20 of them and only a few of you. Then again, you have nothing to worry about. You alone have the strength of 10 wrestlers and boxers. Isaac has the strength of twice as many.
  22. You relaxed and walked to the front of the streak along with Isaac. Layla was behind you to the right and Arturo was behind Isaac to the left. The whole streak was surrounding Carlos, Luke and Jake in a protective mode. You let Carlos speak up, "Hey man. We got to go somewhere right now. Make it fast." The same mean jock that Luke pranked said, "why you hangin' out with these losers?" Layla telepathized you, *'cause we're stronger than you idiots* you giggled and so did Isaac. She must've told him, too.
  23. "It's a long story. We're in a rush. Is that it?" Luke said. Ashley asked, "Where are you going? Come with us. We're going to give you a better time than them." Jake chuckled, "trust me, I don't think so." Everything was quiet. The other students must have gone to class. The clones were staring you and your girls down (Or at least trying). They seemed to give soft whimpers every now and then. The jocks on the other hand showed no weakness in staring the guys down.
  24. But the guys didn't either. Layla telepathized the streak that the guys were really scared. They kept thinking that they're gonna win but then they say that they can't. You heard footsteps come up behind the streak but they all held they're position. You sniffed the air... CLIFFHANGER!!!
  25. Oh! I forgot to say this in the beginning of the quiz; read the top please!

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