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hey sorry i took so long. i've been working a lot on school. please rate and comment. i would LOVE some suggestions, if you would. please and thank you. in this quiz, you'll find out when "the date" is gonna be and what the guys are.

"The moment we want to believe something, we suddenly see all the arguments for it, and become blind to the arguments against it. Sometimes love blinds us, other times it let's us see."-idk

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. left off at:you were hiding under the trap door because they might freak out that you were gone. you were sobbing in the darkness when you heard something break and Luz's scream. then...
  2. there was a loud crash and you got out of the tunnel. you quietly follow the sound of fighting. you heard a growl and noticed, it wasn't of an animal. the windows were broken and for a minute, it felt like the night you lost your parents. you remembered Isaac was with you. like he always it. except now. Isaac! you followed the sound of fighting and froze in your tracks as you smelled vampires. "NO! not this time. not this family!" you screamed as yoou saw a vampire pouncing on isaac. you transformed and ripped off the vampires' head. there were many and Arturo was easy to get mistaken since he was an energy vampire. he pretended to be one of them and then drained them.thats when you threw them into a large bonfire you started in the center of the house.
  3. you ran down the hall to ready the escape tunnel but on your way there, someone slammed you to the wall. you were feeling faint but you weren't going down that easy. you shook it off and was about attack, when the person disappeared. a letter was on the ground and you picked it up. it was marked,"the Date". you froze. the words echoed in your mind, over and over again. a knot welled up in your throat like the tears in your eyes. you swallowed, trying to make everything go away... "________!!!" isaac yelled. this way! hurry!!" you shout back everyone runs inside while you fight off some more vamps. after getting pinned to the wall and getting scratched by vampire nails(which burn Were-tiger skin)in the arm, you dove into the tunnels.
  4. you walk back into a safe house hidden in the forest. it's pretty much a large hollow tree. it's awesome, though. it feels like a tall endless staircase. but no... its just about 4 stories high and then the canopy of leaves at the top of the tree. everyone is pacing orr running around the house. you walk in and Arturo was the first to spot you. he raced to your side and then everyone noticed you. he looked pale. or at least paler than usual, but he was still warm(for a vampire). you were showered with questions like, "are you okay? what happened? why did you stay behind? oh no! your arm! are you sure your okay? what can we do to make you feel better?" you just walked right through them, ignoring all their worrying and you walked up to your room. it's on the fourth floor, right across from Isaac. you wet and heated up a towel and put it on your arm. it should feel better soon. yo had the biggest headache and the minute you layed down on your bed, you were out like a light.
  5. *your dream* your in the forest. there's a sharp pain in your leg. the acute sting spread all through out your right leg. you looked down and saw blood. your heart started beating faster and you felt nauseous. a distant whooshing sound caught your ear. suddenly, something hard hit your side and you flew to a tree and banged your arm. something flipped you over and held you back against the tree. you looked up to see a guy with purplish hair and dark brown eyes. at first you thought he was a vampire but then, his eyes grew green like a tiger's. they turned back to dark brown and for a moment there, your body went limp. this guy was hot! he ran his hand through your messed up hair then down your cheekbone to a soft grip on your chin.
  6. he leaned in and his eyes sparkled. he kissed you. it started off soft then it became more demanding. you couldn't breath and tried to pull away. he finally pulled away. his deep voice echoed throughout the woods, "wonderful kisser. it's too bad such a beautiful and sweet girl like you has to die." for the first time in your life, you felt weak. like you could barely stand. then you remembered isaac. "where's Isaac?" you breathed. he chuckled and whispered in your ear, "he's gone". he disappeared. you fell to your knees in agony. Isaac. the person you've been with since birth is dead. you started crying and screaming. he's dead. then, three figures walked up to you from the darkness. "______!" they shout. its the guys! they helped you up but they looked different. they smelled different. Jake's eyes were red. Luke was buffer and Carlos's hair seemed somewhat, darker. they ran to you but you just stayed there, on your knees weeping. the date... the guy... Isaac... the guys...you woke up gasping.
  7. your cheeks felt wet and all your pain was gone. you were panting. once you calmed down, you took out the letter and sat up. everyone crowded around and you took a look around. where was Isaac. panick rose in your throat. you could barely speak, "where's Isaac?" you choked. Luz was smiling at you, "he's sleeping. we wanted to make sure you were okay before we disturbed him. he was very tired." you shook your head, "no. go get him. i want him here now. " you said firmly. she nodded to you then signaled Arturo to go get him since he's the fastest. Isaac came in rubbing his head. you were so happy to see him alive that you jumped out of the bed,(the leg pain came back), and hugged him tightly. you both started ranting on about apologies and the streak looked at you like you both went crazy. "he looked like he was having a nightmare. i was glad to wake him up. he looked like he was going to puke." Arturo said, awkwardly. everyone looked at him then started laughing. "did you dream of the date, too? the hottie practically stabbed me in the stomach and kissed me. then she told me you were dead. Arturo, here, woke me up just in time. i was flying. tigers should not fly in the forest while being carried by a super hottie. i felt like i was gonna puke." Explained Isaac. you explained you whole dream except the guys. it was too embarrassing. Isaac sat by you on the bed and you opened the envelope.
  8. *what the letter said* Dear Streak, We are glad to inform you that the "date Meeting" will be next Monday by the Secret Waterfall. Be there at 6:00 on the dot. this is not an option. Thank you for your time. Secretly yours, Anonymous
  9. "it's next monday. That's exactly a week from now! we're not going to school. the date has always been at night and we must train all day until the meeting time." said Isaac. you took a while to think. today's monday? school! "Oh crap! guys, we gotta get ready for school!" you shout jumping out of bed and getting things ready for the shower. everyone mumbles and separates to do their daily things. you finish quickly and decide to sit on the canopy of leaves. not a person in sight the whole area was clear.Dulce called you down saying, "___! come on! we're ready. lets go! i don't wanna be late for my test!" you jumped of the tree and landed on your feet outside the tree. the tree opened a hole that looked like a doggy door only big enough fore a tiger. they all came out and Isaac said, "show-off". you started laughing and you all were talking about what could possibly happen on the date. once you got to school, the guys say they seriously need to talk to you. you followed them behind the school and Carlos starts, "we don't know how to say this but...______, we aren't normal." you laughed, "yeah i kinda figured." luke asks, "whaddaya mean?" you reply, "when you kidnapped me, i heard one of you say i was gone and that you knew i was awake." Carlos and Luke both looked at Jake and he blushed. "what you don't know is that we are like you. let me explain... Jake is a vampire-" you interrupted by hissing at the disgusting mention of those blood-sucking monsters.you positioned yourself into attack mode. jake held his hands up saying,"not the blood-sucking type! i'm an energy." you stop and apologize. he nods his head and Carlos continues, "his power, other than the vampire powers, is intelligence. he just...knows things. normally he dreams it. thats how he knew you disappeared. or how he knew you were awake."you nodded. he continued, "luke is a shape-shifter. he can turn into anything and he has the ability to make people faint. i am a caster. it's like a warlock but, not as stupid of the idea(no offense to warlock lovers). i don't hover over a boiling pot of whatever and i don't need spells. i just, have powers. now, here's the thing, we know you are a where--tiger. you froze. you could handle taking in that they were part of the magical world. you saw that coming. the hard thing was that you liked them and couldn't deal with the date. "listen, do you know what 'the date' is?" you asked. they shook their heads. you explained the whole thing and before they could react, the bell rang. Carlos took hold of your shoulder with his hand. you turned around. he said, "wait...there's more." you held up your hand. "after school. plus, people are around. you don't want them to see you with me. trust me. k? later!"
  10. Carlos kept trying to talk to you all first period but you insisted on shushing him. you were so caught up on the project. you had to mix all kinds of liquids and you were so thirsty, you were tempted to drink the 7up. you finally were able to get a successful experiment. you were so happy that you almost hugged him. chemistry is your worst subject. the bell rang for second period and you bumped into Luke. he looked buffer. you were gonna say something and he was too but the cheerleaders were watching. you avoided his gaze and mumbled, "sorry". he grabbed your arm and whispered, "lets go. we need to leave, now. you need to leave." you shake your head and smile, "your crazy. i told you, after school." you whispered. you both walked on and you met Isaac at your locker. "where were you this morning?" he asked casually. "i found out something." you replied, excited. he gave you the "what" look and you kept your voice very low as you two walked to your next class, "they're magical like us. Jake is an energy like arturo, Carlos is a caster, and Luke is a shape-shifter. they know about us. can you believe it? we're no the only ones!" you say. you both arrived at the classroom for history. you glanced at jake who seemed lost in thought.
  11. the periods passed and after sixth, Jake said you had to leave and that he'd take you to a safe place. you noticed he was serious but you didn't want to go. danger just called to you. you loved the thrill of the unknown. you shook your head and walked off with your friends.
  12. you walked to the cafeteria but, it was empty. your streak looked at each other and you knew something was wrong. you spun around when you heard footsteps. the guys were running and Layla started running behind the kitchen counter.you instinctively followed her. "get down!" shouted Carlos with his HOT accent. you grabbed isaac's hand and dragged him across the cafeteria behind the kitchen stove.the speakers from the announcements lit up, this means that the Announcement is urgent, "lockdown! lockdown! this is not practice! lockdown!" shouted an office lady. her voice was shaky and at the end of the announcement, you heard a distant scream. Isaac used telekinesis to lock the doors and close the blinds. everyone huddled together and the guys are apologizing to you. you dont understand them. why are they apologizing. Luke and Carlos are whisper-yelling at Jake, "you need to tell us. can't you see it! go to sleep, maybe you'll dream it! can you smell 'em?" jake just shook his head saying, "no, no, no, no, no...", carlos keeps taking deep breaths as he mumbles a protection cast on the cafeteria, as for Luke, he just kept apologizing to the streak. you tried to calm him down and then Layla gasps, "no..." you look at her, " no what?!" you whisper-yell. then... CLIFFHANGER!!

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