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  • Oh. My... The cliffhanger is killing me D: I need to know what happens next!

    I'm not sure what you have planned next as for who's attacking the school, but I was hoping sometime soon in the series the guys will explain themselves more like who that crying girl was when they captured me and why Carlos gets to be leader when Luke is better XP

  • Wow! I've been waiting for this for so long I almost forgot about it! Luckily I remembered it when I saw it! You NEED to hurry up and be faster with making this or else we might forget about it. Just saying to give you reason to be faster ;D HURRY UP PLEASE!!!!! don't take so long!

  • Why do you do this to me, you take long to make the quiz, and now you put the cliffhanger on the exciting part, but i'll be there for part 6, please make it soon

  • hey, guys! this is the writer of this quiz. i just wanted to say that i posted it many times already but it won't show up on the new quiz list. so, after looking for for many days, i found it. just look up my user account and the quiz should show up there. once again, very sorry for the long delay.

  • Hehe, Luke is craaaaaazy about me ^-^ You need to make part 6 faster, I ALMOST forgot about this series...

  • NO? What's wrong! NO is not a good word. So why did she say NO?! >.

  • NNNNNNNNNOOOOOO!! Hurry and make the next one quickly! Can't wait for part 6!

  • oh my god oh my gos oh my god oh my god!!!!


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