A forbidden love story...

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Okays so this is just a stupis little stary I made to pass the time. Please rate it depending on how you liked it... Oh and now I'm just rambbling but please try out my other quiz...

I like my other quiz, but sadly it's for boys only, so yeah.... I'll try to make more and please leave comments too on maybe some quizzes I can make. Suggestions are always helpful! ^_^

Created by: Kitty Kat
  1. You wake up in heaven, opening your eyes since you died in the car crash. You look around confused, feeling lighter than air. You are completely aware of your surroundings, and can feel the air ruffling your feathers on your wings. "Wings? When did I get wings?" You jump as a deep masculine voice answers to you. "Since you died in the car crash _______... You are deads and am an angel." You stare at this gorgous man with wings as dark as the night sky. "Who are you?" He chuckled. "Daimon."
  2. "Well that's nice but I have to get home! Daimon help me get home." He stared at you. "You are home."
  3. "But this isn't my home! I want to go home and be alive again!" He stared at you, his dark black eyes glittering. "There is only one way you can get back home sweetheart..."
  4. "He laughed at your blank face and said, "The only wy for you to get home is to fall in love with me."
  5. "Bu- But I barely know you..." He threw his head back and laughed. Daimon looked at you and his face went all serious. "Oh you weren't kidding... You have an eternity to get to know me _______."
  6. "But I don't have an eternity! My sister is turning eighteen in a month!" He smiled sadly at that. "Well then sweetheart, you'll have to fall in love fast."
  7. "I-I" Daimon suddenly cut you off with a sweet, sensual kiss that took you by complete surprise. Your whole body went warm and your knees buckled, causing him to catch you as you fell.
  8. At that moment he looked deep into your eyes, a smile on his lips. You felt your heart fluttering so fast, and you knew instantly that you could love him soon...
  9. He kissed you again, this time making your heart pound loudly.
  10. Suddenly you break the kiss and declare, "Daimon I love you!" His lips turned into a smile, "Do you really?" You nod your head.

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