Broken...Part 1

HEY GUYS!! I need suggestions for the forbidden quiz in the mean time I made this! You guys should also check out my old quizzes I made a long time ago. Um..'Unatural love story parts 1, 2 and part 3 is twisted unatural love story so don't get mixed up k? LUV YA!

I hope you guys like thi quiz I tried something different to the other ones sorry f it sucks just got bored so I tried something new. Hope you like it leave comments and the first five to comment will get shout outs in part 2 so yay! DINOSAURS!

Created by: muzix4evrz123

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  1. I see darkness. I hear silence, yet there are ones screaming to be heard. I wasn't blind, or deaf. I was alone. I was invisible. Lights flashed before me, blinding me. I blinked and tried to sit up, but what was the use? I knew what had happened. I knew where I was. I wasn't clueless. But more than anything, I knew no one cared.
  2. "Violet?" I heard a deep voice. I opened my eyes and stared at the man in front of me. He was a doctor. I was in the hospital. He expected me to be scared. He expected me to jump up screaming for my parents, to be frightened by my wounds. He expected to see my expression as reality set in, as he did every morning for the last 6 weeks. But none of that happened. "Where's Elena?"I asked him softly, though I already knew the answer.
  3. "Elena..didn't make it. I'm so sorry." he whispered, putting his hand on my shoulder, but I knew he didn't mean it. So now I really was alone. Except for Justin, my best friend. My aunt was now dead, my parents were dead, my sister was dead, why wasn't I dead too? It was one of those moments where I wondered if it was necessary to stay alive. But, then, someone walked into the room. That someone made me sit up.
  4. He walked in, nodded at the doctor and then folded his arms across his chest, leaning against the white walls. He was white, pale even. His eyes were hidden behind his jet black hair, like he didn't want to see the world and he didn't want the world to see him. Now, he stared at me with curiosity through the thin dark strands. "Ah yes, Daniel. How nice to see you again." the doctor said, but something in his voice told me he was being sarcastic.
  5. "This is your...welcome..buddy." the doctor said. "Daniel West, Violet Starr. Violet Starr, Daniel West.." the doctor went on and on about how he would help me around school and show me the town, but I wasn't really listening. Daniel seemed..intriguing..but blocked, which made me even more curious. He ran his fingers through his hair, and absentmindedly, I did the same with my dark brown hair.
  6. *time skip* he walked out of the hospital with me trailing behind him. We stopped at his car and he stared at me. "Well..get in." he mumbled. "'re gonna drive right?" I said. Yeah I was still a bit freaked from my car crash..I mean, I ended up in the bloody hospital for crying out loud. "Sure, like I'm gonna let the girl who crashed drive my car." he rolled his eyes and started the engine.
  7. I moved my left arm. It felt weird being able to move it again, after 6 weeks and stuff. I brushed my fingers against the cut the side of my forehead as the gloomy sky exhaled, sending a cold breeze across the neighborhood. "Where are we going?" I asked him. "To school." he replied. "It's Sunday." I told him, as if he'd forgotten. "Yeah, and I'm wasting it with you. Stop asking questions." he spat. "You're my tour guide, you're supposed to answer all my questions." I spoke softly, because there was something about him that seemed dangerous. He didn't respond.
  8. I zoned off and thought about Justin. The playful, cute, funny guy who always knew how to cheer me up. I wished he was here now, with me. I missed him. I missed his misty grey eyes, his dark brown hair and his warm smile. He was my only friend. My home. My foundation. Without him, I would fall, even deeper then I had. Surely I would break if he wasn't with me. We pulled up at the school, and I exhaled. It was old, and big..and it looked haunted as I stood below the dark skies. I assumed the sun never visited this town. I guess I understood why.
  9. He pulled out a key from his pocket and opened the doors. "I'm supposed to give you a tour?" he said when he noticed my clueless look. He was staring right through me, just like Justin had the day i met him. I caught a glance of dark, lifeless sapphire eyes as he turned back around and entered the school. *time skip* "Why won't you speak?" he asked me after a while. "Why won't you?" I shot back. "There's nothing to say." he replied smoothly, moving on.
  10. I couldn't put my finger on it, but he looked so familiar. "I know you." I whispered and he laughed coldly. "No you don't." he said. "Yeah I do." you argued. "Look, you don't. Even if you did you can't prove anything and no one will believe you. Stop asking questions. But if you want to know something here: this school is different. Don't trust ANYONE." he hissed. "But.. I can trust you right?" he laughed again, but his face was hard, his eyes cold. "DO yourself a favor..Don't"

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