The element within (part 2)

Well by the few comments I've gotten you people want me to continue these quizes, so I am. Some of the questions on this one are really long just to warn you. Please comment any ideas you have for the quiz and rate thanks (=

Ok recap time!! When we left off you had been kidnapped by four hot guys. And now someone has broken into your room. Who is it and what do they want? Read on to find out...

Created by: Sparkles
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  1. When we left off some one had just burst into your room. Are you ready?
  2. When someone bursts into you scream as loud as possible. The intruder grabs you you scream louder. You feel something pulse though you, then the intruder screams in pain and lets you go. You run for the door, but opens before you can get to it. In the doorway you see the boys, who do you run to?
  3. Well whoever you run to hugs you tight while the other boys try to get the intruder. Unfortunatly he gets away. "Who the heck was that?" you ask. "It's a long story ___," says Leo. "Come downstairs and we'll explain everything," says Dex.
  4. When you get downstairs you all go into the kitchen. "Ok what do you want to know first?" says Leo.
  5. Assuming you chose #3: "Well ___ to put it bluntly, you have powers," says dex, "infact we all do." "What?!" you say. "Yep we each have a different power," says Leo. "What are each of your powers?" you say. "Well first of all you should know that each of us controls an element," says Luke, "like I control air." You feel a sudden rush of cold air. "I control fire," says Leo. Then he snaps his fingers and a single flame appears. "Show-off's," says Jacob, "I control earth but I have a feeling you don't want to see an earthquake." You laugh and Jacob smiles. "And I control water," says dex and with a wave of his hands created a ball of water. "Then what do I control?" you say. "Well we're not sure exactly but by the way he shocked that guy I'd say electricity," says dex, "I'll have to run some tests to be sure though."
  6. "well then let's get these tests over with so that we can be sure," says Leo. "That's not your choice Leo," says Jacob "____ do you want dex to run the tests?" "yes I want to be sure that I know what my power is." you say. "Alright then ___ follow me to my lab," says dex.
  7. Dex takes you too his lab and takes a sample of your blood and runs it through some tests. While you're waiting for the results dex says to you " ___ I'm sorry about yesterday. I don't know what came over me, can you forgive me?"
  8. Whatever you said, dex just nodds and gets the results of your tests. "Well ___, looks like my guess was right you can control electricity." "Cool, can I try it?" you say. "Sure why not?" he says. You rub your hands together and manage get a couple sparks going. Suddenly you feel dizzy and you faint.
  9. You wake up in your bed with Jacob asleep at your bedside. You try to get up without waking with but it doesn't work, and Jacob wakes up. "What? Who's there? Oh you're awake." says Jacob "what happened?" you say. "Your powers aren't fully developed yet so when you used it completely zapped your energy," he said, "you should get some rest now." A couple minutes after Jacob left Leo came in.
  10. "hey ____," says Leo. "You know I bet that you didn't get all your questions answered." After you think about this you nodd. " well what first?" "Why are people after me?" you ask. "well..

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